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The best adidas 2023 rackets for control

The best adidas 2023 rackets for control

The 2023 collection of adidas padel rackets offers a wide range of options. One of its main aims is to cover all playing styles that padel players may opt for. To do this, it includes rackets of all levels, made of different materials and with different technology so that your racket fits you in the best way.

For players looking for a racket to play with a more controlled style, the possibilities are varied in the adidas 2023 collection. Mastering the game through precision and handling is a very productive style in padel, from players taking their first steps to the elite players in our sport.

Control padel rackets are characterised by their ease of handling and reliability in all types of strokes. They usually have a round head and a centred sweet spot, characteristics that favour the mastery of the different technical aspects of padel.

Professional rackets

Adipower Multiweight CTRL

The rackets made for professional level players are manufactured with the best materials and the most innovative adidas technologies. The Adipower Multiweight CTRL is a differential racket for its revolutionary Weight & Balance System technology, which allows the player to modify its weight and balance. It is also the racket of one of the best players in the world, and our very own Alex Ruiz. Martita Ortega, who won the Premier Padel tournament in Rome, also plays with a control racket, the Adipower Light 3.2, an extra light racket but takes nothing for granted to guarantee incredible performance.

The Metalbone CTRL 3.2, like the Adipower Multiweight CTRL, includes the Weight & Balance System, although in this case in the Metalbone format. The difference is that the system is located in the neck and not in the frame, as is the case with Álex Ruiz's racket. For its part, the Adipower CTRL 3.2 achieves one of the best combinations between control and attack of the 2023 collection.

Rackets for advanced players

The control rackets for advanced players in the adidas 2023 collection are part of the Team line. The Adipower W Team is a lightweight and extremely complete racket. It combines materials, technology and handling in the same grip. A very interesting option, as is the Adipower CTRL Team. This racquet is characterised by its strengths in the control style but without losing capabilities for a more attacking game if the player needs to switch styles.

Both rackets are fantastic options. In the Adipower W Team, the ease of handling really stands out while in the Adipower CTRL Team, the perfect balance in noticeable. Both share what makes the Team line a tremendously attractive option: high performance combined with exceptional comfort.

Intermediate level rackets

RX 1000

Improvement in padel is easier with the right racket. We all go through that moment in our game when we defend ourselves on the court and we want to dominate it. To drive that stage from a controlled approach, nothing like the RX rackets that we are going to present.

The RX Carbon racket stands out for the high amount of technologies it incorporates. Its performance is perfectly integrated in a product designed to obtain the best handling. It includes structural reinforcements to stand out in powerful shots and the best spin technologies. The RX 1000 gives up an ounce of attacking power to enhance handling, comfort and ball playing, fundamental aspects of the control style.

The RX 2000 Light is the lightweight option in this range. The lighter weight makes it easier to handle and facilitates control and hitting, especially for players with less powerful arms. Another round racquet is the Greenpadel RX. Apart from being tremendously complete in features, this racket is made of 100% recyclable and biodegradable materials. A great choice both on the court and in doing your bit to protect the environment.

Rackets for beginners

It is always said that to start playing padel, there is nothing better than starting with a racket made for control. This is the idea behind the Discovery rackets of the Match and Drive ranges. Starting with the Drive, these rackets are focused on maximum handling and comfort. You can choose between the Drive 3.2, Drive 3.2 Bronze and Drive 3.2 Light.

On the other hand, the Match adds a greater capacity in the attacking game. Their All Round or teardrop shape gives them a mixed condition. However, they are still mainly control rackets to be able to dominate all types of strokes, which is essential for beginners. This range includes the Match 3.2, the Match 3.2 Bronze and the Match 3.2 Light.

A junior control racket

The Adipower Junior 3.2 is a racket made for young players. Its features are designed to fit in the hands of the smallest, thanks to its lightness, comfort and ease of handling. It is an ideal option for boys and girls who are starting their journey in padel.

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