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Ale Galán, Marta Ortega and Álex Ruix present their PRO-EDT Series rackets

Ale Galán, Marta Ortega and Álex Ruix present their PRO-EDT Series rackets

Exclusive, unique and unparalleled. The PRO-EDT Series 2024 by Ale Galán, Marta Ortega, and Álex Ruiz are here. We are talking about three new rackets that encapsulate the essence of these three players, who are already padel legends. These rackets are designed to make a difference on the court, aiming to shine in the hands of the most demanding professional players.

Each of the three new models unveiled today by adidas aligns with a specific range associated with each player. Hence, they are presented as the PRO-EDT Metalbone by Ale Galán, the PRO-EDT Cross It Light by Martita Ortega, and the PRO-EDT Adipower CTRL MTW by Álex Ruiz.

The PRO-EDT Series, three unparalleled rackets

The three new PRO-EDT rackets are making a distinctive entrance into the padel world. As special models, adidas has produced a very limited number of units, making them highly exclusive and ideal for those seeking something truly unique.

In line with this, each racket comes with specialised packaging. All three are housed in a personalised, exclusive limited-edition box featuring player-specific details. This further underscores their one-of-a-kind status. The elegance of the Metalbone PRO-EDT by Ale Galán, the brilliance of the Cross It Light PRO-EDT by Martita Ortega, and the grandeur of the Adipower CTRL MTW PRO-EDT by Álex Ruiz are also reflected in their exterior design.

Ale, Marta, and Álex will all use these PRO-EDT rackets in official tournaments. They will showcase them exclusively in the most important events for us: the three remaining Majors of 2024 in Rome, Paris, and Acapulco, as well as the P1 in Málaga, where our brand will be the tournament's official racket.

These three new models have been crafted to tackle the greatest challenges. Therefore, they deserve to shine on the world’s most renowned courts. Each PRO-EDT racket also features a design tailored to the unique characteristics of the adidas player it honours.

The PRO-EDT Metalbone by Ale Galán

In 2024, Ale Galán is once again showcasing his best form, winning title after title. For his most exclusive racket, we wanted to offer a truly unique model. The PRO-EDT Metalbone by Ale Galán is built on a foundation of power. We've combined the most innovative technologies and the finest materials to create a top-tier racket.

The spirit of the number one player emanates from its clean yet modern design. This limited-edition racket, crafted for the Madrid champion, is designed to fit the hands of the most distinctive players.

The PRO-EDT Cross It Light by Marta Ortega

The Cross It range has made a pioneering impact in the padel world with its ahead-of-its-time product line. In its breakthrough year, it rightly earned its first PRO-EDT model. Who better to wield a unique racket than Marta Ortega, one of the best players in the world? The PRO-EDT Cross It Light by Marta Ortega seamlessly integrates the best features of Cross It with Martita's exceptional qualities.

With all the technologies of the Cross It range, such as improved aerodynamics and a longer handle, this new master model has resulted in an outstanding racket. Its light blue design brightens the court. With it, the most demanding players will find precision, particularly in decisive moments. It is a limited edition born to reign.

The PRO-EDT Adipower CTRL MTW by Álex Ruiz

The bold design is a standout feature of the new PRO-EDT Adipower CTRL MTW by Álex Ruiz. adidas presents a racket crafted to lead on the court, incorporating cutting-edge Multiweight technologies and embodying the competitive spirit of one of the world's top players, Álex Ruiz. This exclusive model is designed to dominate within the confines of the court.

This limited edition will accompany the player from Málaga, allowing him to showcase his talent and dedication, which have earned him respect as one of the foremost professionals in the world of padel. His intense passion permeates this unique master edition, which excels in every aspect of the game.

Welcome to the debut of the new adidas PRO-EDT rackets by Ale Galán, Marta Ortega, and Álex Ruiz.

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