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Rackets collection 2023

Metalbone Master LTD 2023

Get a feeling of what it’s like to be a number one with the new Metalbone Master LTD. It’s a racket made for the best, such as Ale Galán.
Rackets collection 2023

Adipower Master LTD 2023

The best players are not born, they are made. Enhance your game and bring out your best version on court with the Adipower Master, an edition made for Martita Ortega.
Rackets collection 2023

Adipower Multiweight Master LTD

The very essence of one of the best players in the world is found in the Adipower Master MTW, Álex Ruiz's first master edition racket.
Rackets collection 2023

Adipower Multiweight CTRL

The king of control is found in the ADIPOWER MULTIWEIGHT CTRL. Perfect your game and enjoy the very latest innovation.
Rackets collection 2023

Metalbone 3.2

The METALBONE 3.2 features the best adidas technologies to offer you comfort while playing and personalise your racquet depending on your game. Attack or control, it’s up to you!
Rackets collection 2023

Adipower Light 3.2

Light racquet do not have to give up any of the latest technology. Find a manageable racket with the best features in the ADIPOWER LIGHT 3.2

The best padel rackets are adidas. All For Padel has the best and most complete range of padel rackets for pro players. The most advanced technologies and materials made specifically for playing padel result in superior quality playing tools made for the best arms in the world.

The top range of adidas padel rackets is divided between two of the most recognised families on the courts: Adipower and Metalbone. Under both names, adidas pro padel rackets meet the conditions for excellent performance in all situations. Both the control and attacking game are within reach with any of these professional padel rackets.

The attacking game reaches exceptional levels thanks to the most rigid materials and reinforcement technologies that allow for the most powerful shots. The racket shapes and balances are perfectly designed to ensure that adidas professional attacking padel rackets perform at their best.

The pro control padel rackets also have the highest level of performance. They meet the requirements of any professional player, including power, but guarantee exceptional handling for all types of shots. Perfect balance, the best spin technologies and the most advanced materials allow the best players to dominate all types of points.

The highest-level players find the most sophisticated playing tools within the adidas pro rackets. Players such as Ale Galán, Martita Ortega, Álex Ruiz, Lorena Rufo and Pablo Cardona, among many others, manage to play their best game with adidas professional padel rackets.

The pro padel rackets are of the highest standard, in which every detail is designed for the best performance on court. Every gram, every fibre, from the handle to the top of the head has been designed so that the best padel players can bring out their enormous talent.

Our brand has always been at the side of the best athletes. In all disciplines, adidas is synonymous with excellence and success. And for the professional elite, we have always produced products of the highest level. The adidas range of professional padel rackets continues this line with the best players in our sport in mind.

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