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The most innovative technology on the padel court is right here with the Adipower Multiweight. This range of padel rackets allows you to modify your balance and performance thanks to the removable weight system that incorporates the frame and heart. The future begins with Adipower Multiweight.

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What an adidas padel racket is like?

Our R&D is focused on the combination of different formats, weights, materials and technologies that make each adidas padel racket an ideal tool for each type of player.

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Play with your senses, play with adidas

After over 90 years serving sports at adidas we have discovered that there are few things that sound better than celebrating a point. That when you hit it right, it looks different.

That a game is a carousel of emotions that you can smell, taste and feel. And that, in the end, victory is a unique feeling.

This is why every year we strive to combine the best technologies and materials to create the ideal padel racket for each player. Only this way can we offer you the best game sensations.

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