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adidas padel rackets Back Pack Multigame Black/Redadidas padel rackets Back Pack Multigame Black/Red 2
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Back Pack Multigame Black/Red

€40.29 €61.98
Need a compact, unique, and innovative bag for you padel rackets and personal items? The MULTIGAME backpack is for you. Extra padding makes it comfortable to transport with you, and it has space for rackets as well as your laptop and other personal items.

Discover Excellence in Adidas Padel Backpack

Take your Game to the Next Level with Our Official Padel Backpack !

In the official Adidas store, we offer a wide range of backpacks designed specifically to meet the needs of the most demanding padel players. With a perfect balance between functionality, style and comfort, our backpacks are designed to be the ideal complement to your padel equipment.

Why choose our padel backpacks?

Innovative Design : Each backpack has been carefully designed taking into account the needs of padel players. With dedicated compartments for rackets, shoes, accessories and extra compartments for your personal belongings, our backpacks ensure that all your equipment is organized and protected.

Comfort without Compromise : The padded and adjustable straps offer a feeling of comfort during your travels. Plus, the balanced weight distribution allows you to carry your gear effortlessly, whether on your back or as a carry-on bag.

Durability and Quality : Made with resistant and high-quality materials, our backpacks guarantee durability and protection for your equipment, even in the most demanding conditions.

Choose your Style, choose your Playmate

Discover our collection and choose from a variety of styles, colors and sizes to find the perfect backpack that suits your personality and needs on the court. From classic designs to more modern and eye-catching options, we have the backpack that fits your play and lifestyle.

Buy your Adidas Padel Backpack in the Official Store

With the Adidas quality guarantee, our backpacks are designed to maximize your comfort and performance on the court. Look no further, find the ideal companion to take your game to the next level in our official Adidas store.

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