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The best technologies at your disposal

What is an adidas padel racket made of?


In this collection we work with 6 fibers. Each fiber has a different flexibility and this property allows us to value the power and comfort of the rackets.

The greater flexibility of the fiber, the greater ball output and comfort. With a less flexible fiber we get more power in the racket.

  • On aggressive or higher speed hits of the racket, less flexibility allows a greater energy return of the ball and it comes out at a higher speed.
  • With a static racket and low speed hits, a more flexible fiber allows the racket rubber core to perform more work and achieve greater ball rebound.


The rubber is a key aspect when talking about the performance of a paddle racket, it is the soul of the racket. At adidas we work with three EVA rubbers that differentiate the performance of each of the padel rackets. They are identified by the color of the paddle cap (red, blue and black).

Density is the main property of the rubber and the one that defines its memory. It means the ability of the rubber to recover its initial position in a shorter time. The higher the density, the greater the power and the lower the density, the greater the comfort.

  • In aggressive or higher speed shots, a higher memory will allow the rubber to recover faster and propel the ball at a higher speed.
  • With the paddle static or in low-speed shots, a lower
    density allows the ball to be pushed efficiently and with
    greater impulsion.


EVA rubber with greater memory. Increases power in high-speed shots. Suitable for players with a high technical level. It is identified by the red cap.


Improved density rubber that provides exceptional ball release without loss of power. SOFT ENERGY rubber rackets are identified by the blue cap.


Low density EVA rubber that provides great ball release and high comfort. The black cap identifies the rackets with SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber


Power technologies

The power technologies serves to optimize the energy of the player. The determining factor when we refer to power is the structural rigidity that prevents the dissipation of the energy applied by the player in every shot.


100% carbon fibers inserted in the frame and core structure to increase the power and structural rigidity of the racket. eXoskeleton characterizes the ESSNOVA rackets.

Dual eXoskeleton

Evolution of eXoskeleton technology. Double height nerves that reinforce the core and the frame allowing the player to exert all his energy in each shot.

It is the technology that characterizes the ADIPOWER rackets.

Octogonal Structure

Exclusive octagonal design of the carbon tube. The 8 edges stiffen the structure making the METALBONE racket ideal for the most aggressive players..

Power Embossed

Outer carbon nerve on the frame that provides greater stiffness to the structure. Designed for the most aggressive rackets to achieve greater power in the shot.

Structural Power

Double fiber insertion in the heart of the blade that provides greater structural stiffness,
thus increases the power in the game. It is the main technology of RX200 Light.

Structural Power

Mold designed with a fiber insert in the center of the heart of the racket that provides greater structural stiffness, thus increasing the power in the game to the RX300 racket.

Effects technologies

Spin technologies allow the player to give more rotation to the ball thanks to the roughness of the racket surface.

Spin Blade

3D relief to increase the spin in the shot. It provides an improvement in the spins of the
most demanding shots. There are 3 types:

  • SPIN BLADE MOLD on ADIPOWER 3.1 blades.

Smart Holes Curve

The arrangement of the holes is specially designed to facilitate the effect of all your shots.


These technologies are designed to reinforce the points where the racket experiences the greatest impact.

Smart Holes Lineal

The arrangement of the equidistant holes in groups of 3 strengthens the Surface and improves the durability of the racket.

Structural Reinforcement

Perimeter reinforcements around the whole racket that allow to generate greater resistance to the high torsions that the racket is exposed to.


Technology designed to allow the weight and balance of the racket to be modified by external elements.

Weight and Balance System

This is the technology that characterizes the Metalbone range. A system of six screws of different weights that allow you to vary the weight and balance of the racket depending on the demands of your next match.

The player can choose how to adapt his METALBONE to the needs of the match.

  • The 6 weights add up to a total of 12 grams.
  • If we leave the weights on, the balance of our METALBONE will be in the middle-low part of the racket. This will mainly give us more CONTROL.
  • If we remove the weights, we will be able to reduce the weight and raise the balance up to 1.5cm. This way, we will get more inertia in the attacking shots and therefore more POWER.

This year, you will be able to access this new technology in a very simple way since we have designed a key ring with Allen tip so that you can always carry it with you.

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