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adidas padel rackets

Control padel rackets

Discover our control padel rackets with which you will dominate your matches. The controle range offers a large variety of rackets. Finding the family of adipower, metalbone and Rx. These rackets will allow you to obtain a regularity in your matches which will make you dominate your opponents. 

Adidas padel rackets 2024 collection

Padel rackets intermediate level

Discover our intermediate level, the collection 2022 offers 3 padel rackets  that are part of the RX range. You are confident and able to return all balls on the court, these rackets will be a perfect match for a player looking to improve their game quickly.If you are one of those who count the days to jump on the court, if as soon as the match is over you are already thinking about the next one, in short, if padel is your passion, we have the rackets that you absolutely need.

Adidas padel rackets other collections

Padel rackets advanced level

Discover our advanced level rackets, you will find the Metalbone, Adipower and Essnova family. These rackets will allow you to surprise yourself, and to make unique points.


Initiation padel rackets

Discover our new range adidas padel rackets iniciation. You will discover two of the Match range and two of the Drive range that will allow you to start playing padel with confidence. 

Diamond-shaped padel rackets

Discover our diamond-shaped rackets, a racket has a high balance. The inertia of the weight at the top of the racket gives more power for attracking shots.

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