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adidas padel rackets Metalbone Youth 3.2adidas padel rackets Metalbone Youth 3.2 2
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Metalbone Youth 3.2

€71.28 €95.04
For the next generation of players - the METALBONE YOUTH. It is a racquet created to adapt to the needs of boys and girls who seek to grow and improve their padel game.
adidas padel rackets Adipower Junior 3.2adidas padel rackets Adipower Junior 3.2 2
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All padel rackets

Adipower Junior 3.2

€46.49 €61.98
The youngest players in the game have the right to a racquet designed and manufactured for their needs. The ADIPOWER JUNIOR fits the bill.
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Metalbone Youth 3.3

The youngest players have in this racket the best option to win from the first day and grow match after match.
Padel Rackets

Adipower Junior 3.3

Taking up padel is a special and significant moment for young players and they should therefore be accompanied by a racket that is specifically made for them. Junior players have their best companion here.

Padel tennis is a sport that encompasses players of all age groups. The ease of improving quickly and the fact that it is tremendously attractive make it a widespread practice in a wide range of ages. At adidas , we are certain that every player needs a racket with conditions that adapt to their needs at all times. That is why we manufacture specific rackets for one of the age groups with more particular conditions, that of young people.

Younger players are the present and the future of padel tennis. That is why it is essential that they have game tools that have the necessary characteristics for each stage of their growth on the court. Our junior padel rackets bring together everything necessary to facilitate the progress of the youngest hands in our sport.

Padel rackets for young players must meet two fundamental conditions: be comfortable in the hand and allow the best possible handling. To master all the strokes and technical gestures of our sport, it is essential that the rackets make things as easy as possible.

The adidas junior padel rackets cover the spectrum of the entire younger age group. From beginners to youth players everyone can find their ideal gaming tool.

One of the differentiating aspects of our rackets is their lightness. Weight is a very important issue when we talk about gaming tools. That the player, especially if he is younger, has in his hand a product of a weight appropriate to his arm will determine the success of his progress. Playing with a padel that is heavier than one can handle will most certainly have a negative impact.

At adidas we have a wide spectrum of junior padel rackets that range from the easiest to handle to some that incorporate high-level features. Our goal is that both the child who is doing his first practice and the young player who perfectly masters our sport find their ideal racket in our catalog.

Each adidas junior padel racket has features designed for the different styles of play and the needs of each player profile. All of them are made with the best materials and each one incorporates the most appropriate technologies. Discover the extensive catalog of adidas junior padel rackets!

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