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Adipower is a range of padel rackets that has accompanied the great players of our sport. Professionals such as Martita Ortega, Alex Ruiz and the legendary Seba Nerone have played with rackets from one of the most prestigious families. And they have done so because Adipower incorporates the best materials and the most innovative technologies brought to padel. Playing with an Adipower racket is a guarantee that you’ll be able to respond to all situations.

Adipower padel rackets are characterised by their high quality in all their components. This adidas range has rackets for all styles. From the most control-oriented rackets to the best designed for the most powerful strokes, they are all part of the Adipower family.

The guarantee of Adipower rackets is that they reach a high level in a multitude of parameters. The rackets with a controlling essence also have the best components to achieve a great attacking game. In the same way, the rackets designed to achieve maximum power in the shots incorporate the best to have a handling and a first class touch.

Adipower is one of the adidas ranges with the longest trajectory. Since 2016, collection after collection, Adipower rackets have been a reference in the world of padel. The first Adipower ATTK and Adipower CTRL marked a path that each season has been adding steps. Each generation has improved on the previous one. And it has always done so at the forefront of the world of padel.

The adidas Adipower incorporates the best technologies taken to the padel court. Reinforcement systems, roughness on the surface of the racket, the best arrangement of the holes... All of them made using the best materials and compounds. The highest quality rubbers and fibres are the material that gives rise to Adipower rackets.

The latest Adipower technology is the Weight & Balance System, incorporated in the Multiweight rackets. This technology allows to adapt the weight and balance of the rackets so you can play a more attacking game. Or, on the contrary, to you can adjust the weight to go for a more controlled approach, or to improve their handling.

In short, Adipower padel rackets are made to accompany the best players in our sport.

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