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Beach Tennis

BT Adipower 3.1 H14

Get to be a beach tennis professional with the Adipower 3.1 H14. This racket is made with the best materials and the most innovative technologies.
Beach Tennis

BT Adipower 3.1 H24

Dominate the beach tennis court with this exceptional racket. The Adipower 3.1 H24 brings together incredible features to help you reach your best level.

The Metalbone range of padel rackets is one of the most prestigious families of our sport. The quality of all its products lies in being manufactured with the best adidas materials and incorporating the most innovative technologies. Metalbone is synonymous with excellence.

Players of the stature of Ale Galán have been experiencing season after season the high level of Metalbone rackets. Currently, Ale, Pablo Cardona and Pol Hernandez are the adidas players who take to court with a Metalbone racket in hand.

The adidas Metalbone padel rackets are characterised by their ability to hit powerful shots. This special capacity for attacking play comes from the best reinforcement technologies incorporated into top quality materials. Technologies such as the Octagonal Structure, an eight-edged tube inside the best Metalbone rackets, make this range one of the most advanced in the attacking game.

Since 2021, the Metalbone family has been growing and evolving. The best innovations have been added to each new collection to bring to the padel courts the most advanced products that will made the difference between winning and losing. Each season we have been launching the most competitive rackets for the arms with the greatest attacking game capabilities.

The Weight & Balance System technology has been one of the latest great additions to the best Metalbone rackets. This technology allows you to adapt the weight and balance of the racket and opt for a setting more suitable for power or for a more controlled approach.

adidas Metalbone padel rackets are quality products. They are designed for advanced and professional level players. The Metalbone range is aimed at those players who make the difference on the court and who make the most of every detail.

In short, Metalbone is synonymous with excellence on the padel court. They are a guarantee for those who seek to dominate the court and achieve the most powerful strokes. In this prestigious range you will find padel rackets with all kinds of features, some made of rigid materials and others with even fewer flexible compounds, but all of them have the certainty that they guarantee the best performance between the four walls.

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