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Padel tennis rackets Outlet

adidas padel rackets Adipower Master LTD 2023adidas padel rackets Adipower Master LTD 2023 2
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Adipower Master LTD 2023

€208.26 €297.52
The best players are not born, they are made. Enhance your game and bring out your best version on court with the Adipower Master, an edition made for Martita Ortega.
adidas padel rackets Adipower Multiweight Master LTDadidas padel rackets Adipower Multiweight Master LTD 2
  • -45%
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Adipower Multiweight Master LTD

€204.55 €371.90
The very essence of one of the best players in the world is found in the Adipower Master MTW, Álex Ruiz's first master edition racket.
adidas padel rackets Metalbone 3.2adidas padel rackets Metalbone 3.2 2
  • -43%
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Metalbone 3.2

€179.01 €314.05
The METALBONE 3.2 features the best adidas technologies to offer you comfort while playing and personalise your racquet depending on your game. Attack or control, it’s up to you!
adidas padel rackets Metalbone HRD 3.2adidas padel rackets Metalbone HRD 3.2 2
  • -48%
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Metalbone HRD 3.2

€167.60 €322.31
Don't just go for power. Go for the METALBONE HRD 3.2. Absolutely everything in this racquet is designed to give you the most powerful shot.
adidas padel rackets Adipower Light 3.2adidas padel rackets Adipower Light 3.2 2
  • -45%
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Adipower Light 3.2

€136.36 €247.93
Light racquet do not have to give up any of the latest technology. Find a manageable racket with the best features in the ADIPOWER LIGHT 3.2
adidas padel rackets Adipower Multiweight CTRLadidas padel rackets Adipower Multiweight CTRL 2
  • -48%
All padel rackets

Adipower Multiweight CTRL

€171.90 €330.58
The king of control is found in the ADIPOWER MULTIWEIGHT CTRL. Perfect your game and enjoy the very latest innovation.

Do you need a racket at a lower price than those in the latest collection? Take a look at all the options available in the adidas padel racket outlet. Here you will find some of the rackets from previous collections with spectacular features and at a reduced price.

Some of the most recognized ranges in world padel are present in this outlet. Adipower and Metalbone rackets, among others, from previous years make up this adidas padel racket outlet. They are rackets with which greats of the sport such as Ale Galán, Martita Ortega and Álex Ruiz have played.

There are options for everyone in this outlet of old adidas padel rackets. The rackets from the 2022, 2021 and even previous collections available cover the entire possible spectrum of rackets. You will find more offensive, rigid models with the balance moved to the top, and others more designed for control and greater precision.

Of course, we don't forget our youngest players. The adidas padel racket outlet also has junior models for the future stars of our sport. They are lighter and easier to handle rackets to offer all the confidence necessary to improve in each match and training session.

The fact that they are rackets from old collections should not confuse you. The rackets present in the outlet have the best conditions to shine. Some of the best technologies are present in these rackets that, as we have already mentioned, have passed through the hands of the best adidas players.

The variety of materials also offers options for all tastes. The different combinations of fibers and rubbers of the numerous rackets allow us to find more or less rigid models, depending on what the player is looking for. The most rigid ones will favor a power game, while the most flexible ones will allow you to find a better ball output and good control.

In this adidas padel racket outlet you will find models for all levels. There are professional level rackets, but also intermediate and for beginner players. The Discovery range, designed for players taking their first steps in padel tennis, is represented in the outlet and is also a very interesting option due to its low price.

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