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The new Adipower Legend by Seba Nerone arrives to unleash your inner legend

The new Adipower Legend by Seba Nerone arrives to unleash your inner legend

Seba Nerone is part of the Olympus of world padel. His trajectory, his character and his love for the sport have made him an unmissable figure. That is why adidas, his second home, presents the new Adipower Legend. A racket that combines all his values and is made to compete at the highest level.

The new Legend model is composed of adidas's latest generation materials and incorporates a complete package of technologies, both for power and durability as well as for creating effects. Its sleek and elegant design seeks semblance with Seba, an exemplary player as well as a competitive benchmark.

The Adipower Legend is a racket that aims to go above and beyond. It is made to enable those who wield it the elements that make a player a reference. Therefore, the launch campaign focuses on how to become a legend. Seba Nerone personifies that ideal figure and exemplifies what makes a professional padel player stand out.

The Adipower Legend is the perfect tool to play like a legend. It brings together everything needed to meet the demands of an elite player. Moreover, it aligns with the character of Seba, the quintessential legend of adidas.

The legend starts with performance

The Adipower Legend is primarily crafted from two materials, resulting in a highly balanced composition. The EVA Soft Performance rubber, known for its low rigidity yet excellent touch and ball output, forms the core of the racket. The surface is made of 3K Carbon fiber, offering both lightweightness and the necessary rigidity to handle powerful shots.

The attacking play of the Legend is backed by two top-tier technologies: the Power Embossed Ridge and the Dual Exoskeleton. The former incorporates carbon fiber reinforcements along the racket frame, while the latter enhances the structural rigidity of the core and the bottom of the frame. The Diamond Oversize head shape and the elevated balance complete the offensive package. Additionally, this new model includes the Spin Blade roughness on the surface to achieve optimal effects.

A design beyond comparison

In terms of design, the racket embodies Seba Nerone's style. It's primarily black, the most elegant colour in padel rackets. The dark hue is broken up in the heart and part of the frame with the silver colour of the Dual Exoskeleton fibers. Black and silver form a very classic adidas colour combination. The frame is adorned with the word "Adipower '' in large white lettering.

Both faces of this new Legend model feature the silhouette of the three adidas stripes in white at the center. The liveliest colour of the racket, a fluorescent yellow, appears in two eye-catching yet subtle stripes on either side of the logo. They are accompanied by the names of the racket and the legend. In the top left corner, the final detail: Seba's signature.

The Adipower Legend is born to honour a myth, but also to be the racket of the best padel players. It has everything required to bring out the best in the best. It is adidas' finest gift to a legend.

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