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Trends and innovations in padel racket design

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In the ever-evolving world of padel and with the sport becoming more popular worldwide, innovation is the name of the game. And adidas stands at the forefront of this revolution, introducing groundbreaking advancements and technology in padel rackets that mean everyone, from the professionals to the beginners, has a choice of rackets that will get the best of them.

In this post, we take a look at some of the most popular technology and updates in padel racket design included in the latest adidas 2024 racket collection.

Eleven 13: Redefining hole arrangement

Leading the charge in innovation is the Eleven 13 technology, showcased in Martita Ortega's Cross It Light racket. Departing from conventional designs, Eleven 13 introduces a new hole arrangement that enhances durability and power capacity.

By strategically placing smaller holes in the central part of the racket head, Eleven 13 optimises consistency and rigidity, offering players unparalleled control and performance on the court.

Unleashing maximum force with the Extra Power Grip

Another groundbreaking feature making waves in the padel world is the Extra Power Grip, featured in select adidas rackets.

With an extended grip length, this innovation shifts the racket's balance towards the head, empowering players with increased inertia and superior power on every shot.

Whether smashing volleys or unleashing thunderous serves, the Extra Power Grip ensures maximum force and precision, giving players the competitive edge they need to dominate the game.

Weight and Balance system for customised performance

In the pursuit of personalised performance, adidas introduced the Weight and Balance System, exemplified in Ale Galan's Metalbone 3.3 racket. This innovative system allows players to tailor their racket's balance and weight to suit their playing style.

By incorporating removable screws within the handle, players can adjust the racket's characteristics for enhanced control or attacking prowess, empowering them to adapt to any situation with ease and confidence.

Dual Exoskeleton: Reinforcing Power

Reinventing the fundamentals of racket construction is the Dual Exoskeleton technology, showcased in Alex Ruiz's Adipower Multiweigh Ctrl 3.3 racket. Engineered for maximum power, this innovation employs a double insertion of carbon fibers in the core and frame of the racket, creating a reinforced structure that remains rigid under all conditions.

With Dual Exoskeleton, players can unleash their full potential, confident in their racket's ability to deliver unrivalled power and performance on the court.

Pushing the boundaries of spin shots

In addition to power and control, adidas is dedicated to enhancing spin shots with revolutionary technologies such as Spin Blade Decal and Smart Holes Curve. These innovations optimise ball interaction and trajectory, allowing players to execute precise spin shots with unmatched spin and accuracy, leaving opponents scrambling to keep up.

As our great sport continues to grow, adidas remains committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation and performance, both for the leading players in the world and for those who step onto the court for the first time. To explore the full spectrum of technologies featured in the new 2024 racket collection, visit the All for Padel website, and keep an eye out on the blog for tips and other advice on how to improve your game.

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