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Seba Nerone's Reviews: The Cross It range

Seba Nerone's Reviews: The Cross It range

All the rackets from the new adidas 2024 collection have their descriptions and technical specifications available on the All For Padel website. However, sometimes, it's beneficial to hear an expert's opinion to make the right decision. That's why we asked Seba Nerone to review all the adidas 2024 rackets. In this new article, the Argentine legend analyses the most innovative range from adidas: Cross It.

To start, Seba describes this range as “the crown jewel of the 2024 collection.” He praises all three rackets in this new adidas range for their “revolution of power and control.” In summary, he describes these three rackets as models “that go beyond conventional aerodynamics and have the honour of being wielded by Marta Ortega.”

Nerone's analysis of the Cross It range

The Cross It rackets are designed for professional players. Seba Nerone details that “they are designed for players with a high technical level who play daily and base their game on speed and precision using adidas revolutionary technologies and most advanced materials.”

“The advanced aerodynamics stand out with Dynamic Air Flow technology, which allows for greater air flow in the heart of the racket, increasing manoeuvrability” and the ability to generate power. Additionally, the three rackets also incorporate the Extra Power Grip, a grip that is one centimetre longer than usual, “this, confirms Nerone, positions the mass of the racket closer to the head, generating greater inertia in attack shots.” 

Seba also emphasises the roughness that the three rackets incorporate on the surface. “We must highlight their Spin Blade Mold, a roughness with 3D relief embedded in the mould, which increases grip and spin power,” he explains. He also mentions the Eleven 13 technology, which he describes as “an innovative hole pattern.” “In the centre, you will see that they have a smaller diameter, providing greater rigidity, durability, and power to the racket.”

The differences between the three Cross It rackets

The new Cross It range consists of the Cross It, Cross It CTRL, and Cross It Light, the model wielded by Marta Ortega. The Cross It is characterised, says Seba Nerone, as “an attacking racket with a diamond shape and a high sweet spot. It features 15k aluminized carbon fibre and High Memory EVA rubber, which is denser, making it the best combination for players seeking exceptional power.”

The Cross It CTRL, on the other hand, is a model “with the same technologies but in a control format,” explains Seba. He concludes, “precision and versatility in one racket.” This is also the racket used by the young player David Gala.

Lastly, the Cross It Light, Marta Ortega's racket, is described by Seba Nerone as “the lightest gem.” The former Argentine player states that it is “a round racket with 24k aluminized carbon and medium-density soft energy rubber.” Thanks to these characteristics, the racket achieves “the perfect balance” for “excellent ball release without losing power.”

In conclusion, Seba Nerone rates them as three exceptional rackets for top-level players. These three models combine innovation and quality to offer their owners the best tools to make a difference. You can find all the details about these outstanding rackets on the All For Padel website.

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