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Reviews by Seba Nerone: Metalbone's 2024 high-end range

Reviews by Seba Nerone: Metalbone's 2024 high-end range

The launch of the adidas 2024 padel collection brings a wide variety of high-quality rackets to the market. To take a deep dive into the specific benefits of each one, we need the help of a professional. That is why we wanted one of the most important figures related to our brand in padel to lend us a hand. Seba Nerone’s reviews have arrived. 

To kick off the series of these analyses that will take us through each and every one of the models in the 2024 collection, we wanted to start at the top. Seba’s first review is of the highest-end Metalbone rackets: the Metalbone HRD+ and Metalbone 3.3 by Ale Galán, and the Metalbone CTRL 3.3 by Lorena Rufo.

Metalbone HRD+

The Argentine ex-player and coach defines this trio as “revolutionary rackets for maverick players with a high level that dare with impossible shots”. These rackets are designed for PRO-level players where every detail seeks to offer added value in terms of performance.

Going into more detail, Ale Galán's two padel rackets are very similar. Nerone highlights their predisposition for attacking play. The Diamond Oversize shape, high balance, attack technologies like the Octagonal Structure, are the ingredients for two models with high power capacity. He pays special attention to the Weight & Balance System technology, a system that allows adjusting the racket for conditions requiring more power or greater control.

The difference between the Metalbone HRD+ and the Metalbone 3.3 lies in the rubber they are made of. Seba tells us that the HRD+ is made of High Memory EVA rubber, "the hardest in the collection, for more demanding players”. Meanwhile, the 3.3 incorporates Soft Performance EVA rubber, "which offers a softer touch”.

Metalbone CTRL 3.3

As for the Metalbone CTRL 3.3, here we are talking about a racket with many characteristics identical to the other two. However, the adidas ambassador points out that this model is designed for "fans of a control model”. It is a companion with all the features, including the Weight & Balance System, but oriented towards impeccable handling.

To sum up, Seba Nerone concludes that the entire high-end Metalbone range in this adidas 2024 collection "brings together the best technologies and puts them at the service of talent”. The Metalbone HRD+, the Metalbone 3.3, and the Metalbone CTRL 3.3 are rackets manufactured for the elite of our sport. For more details on each model, visit the All For Padel website.

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