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The Masters range: Exclusive rackets of Ale Galán, Martita Ortega and Álex Ruiz

The Masters range: Exclusive rackets of Ale Galán, Martita Ortega and Álex Ruiz

adidas had launched the limited-edition rackets of Ale Galán, Martita Ortega and Álex Ruiz all featuring exclusive designs. Three unique models for three incredible players. The Metalbone Master LTD, for Ale Galán; the Adipower Master MTW, for Álex Ruiz, and the Adipower Master, for Martita Ortega, are here.

These three rackets have the best features to achieve the highest level on court. But their added value is found in the tremendously thought out designs and their exceptional presentation. All of them take the best of each player to become unparalleled products.

Metalbone Master LTD, by Ale Galán

Ale Galán's Master edition racket for 2023 is called Metalbone Master LTD. Its design combines a scale of greys on both sides of the racket on a white skeleton across the frame. There is also the presence of a beautiful electric blue that draws attention to the famous three stripes. A limited-edition model that has everything required to be an exclusive racket.

In terms of performance, it combines the power, strength, and precision of its owner. The Metalbone Master LTD is an Ale Galan racket. A product for the most powerful arm, the most determined hands and the most persevering of mentalities of anyone on the padel circuit.

Martita Ortega’s Adipower Master

Martita Ortega has been in the elite of world padel for years. Her Adipower Master is the result of all the talent and hard work of an unprecedented player. The design of this Master edition racket is spectacular. Blue monopolises the colour range with three different shades. The background is based on square shapes with the fine adidas design in the centre of the two sides.

The composition of the racket brings together the best materials and the most advanced technologies to allow the owner to put on their best display and show off their full range of shots. It is a product made for the most competitive players, those who do not give a point for lost and only contemplate one goal: to win.

Adipower Master MTW, by Álex Ruiz

The Adipower Master MTW is Álex Ruiz's first Master edition racket. The player from Malaga is one of the international references within the game and this product will be too. Black and grey predominate in a very elegant final product. Gold, the colour of the winners, marks the three stripes of the brand, a flash on the neck and the signature of its owner.

The characteristics of the Adipower Master MTW allow it, as Álex Ruiz does on the court, to adapt to all situations and moments. It has the best for attacking play and for combating the opponents' efforts with the subtlest strokes. Design and performance come together in a single racket.

The three Master edition padel rackets come in exclusive packaging specific to each model and personalised for each of the three players. Get your favourite one today on the All For Padel website and in all the usual points of sale.

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