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Álex Ruiz: My Adipower Multiweight CTRL racket fits like a glove

Álex Ruiz: My Adipower Multiweight CTRL racket fits like a glove

The Adipower Multiweight CTRL is, due to its features, one of the best padel rackets on the market today. We believe it to be so, but if you need any more convincing, professional player Alex Ruiz, the most high profile player using the racket, says it is perfect for him. "It's a racket with which I feel really comfortable, it fits me like a glove," says the man from Malaga.

This racket, more oriented to the control style, has features designed for impeccable handling, but also to achieve the power levels needed to win the biggest matches and experience tournament success. In fact, the Weight & Balance System technology, the most innovative of all that it incorporates, allows the racket to be adapted more towards attack or control games - whichever style the player prefers.

It includes “amazing” technology

The system of variable weights and balance that the racket incorporates is the most interesting element. Álex Ruiz describes it as “surprising and very practical”. It consists of a set of small removable screws located along the frame of the racket. There are a total of seven screws. Three of them are intended for the upper part, and the other four, for the sides (two for each of them).

In the upper part there are three holes, so the player's choice will be whether to fill them or not. On the sides, however, there are stripes with five holes. The player must choose whether to incorporate the pair of screws or not. The options are many depending on the style of game. If you’re looking for greater control, you should place the screws in the lower positions on the side, and leave the upper part of the racket free from screws. If you want to attack more, place the screws in the upper part and high up on the side of the racket.

A rounded racket

Yes, the head of the Adipower Multiweight CTRL is round, but it has been designed to have features for everything. For the best handling, apart from its adaptable balance, the racket includes the best technologies in spin shots. The roughness of the Spin Blade and the arrangement of the holes in the racket, which forms part of the Smart Holes Curve technology, allows the player to achieve the best topspin shots.

The attack game also stands out in a product that, as we have already said, is very complete. EVA High Memory rubber and 18k Carbon fiber form a highly rigid combination to achieve, when required, the most powerful blows. But the Power Embossed Ridge, Dual Exoskeleton and Structural Reinforcement technologies guarantee exceptional behavior of the racket against the strongest shots and rallies.

Álex Ruiz summarizes his experience with the Adipower Multiweight CTRL stating that "I couldn't have a better racket". He goes on to add: “I know that I have the best quality in my hand.” The racket of one of the best players in the world is at your fingertips on the All For Padelwebsite.

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