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The best adidas power rackets 2023

The best adidas power rackets 2023

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An attacking game is one of the many styles that is adopted by padel players across the world. Together with control, they make up the two main ways to deal with different situations on court. Although in many cases they are presented as opposites, both styles of play are compatible. It is also true that each player tends to be more oriented towards one or the other.

The attack style consists of an aggressive game in which the aim is to finish the point as soon as possible. The most obvious actions are those that, through a powerful shot, prevent the opponent from returning the ball. The smash shot is the most typical shot when playing an attacking game.

The characteristics of padel rackets are decisive to understand their behaviour. That is why each player needs different features to develop their game. In the case of rackets for an attack game, the main need is that they have maximum rigidity to achieve maximum power in the shots.

Another important factor is that the balance is close to the upper end of the racket. This aspect favours generating more inertia in the shot and, therefore, the possibility of achieving more powerful impacts.

The adidas 2023 rackets

The adidas 2023 racket collection is very complete. The time has come to focus on the options it offers us in order to play the best attacking game. All are made with the best materials, but their features vary depending on the level of player for which they are designed.

We start the review of the PRO level rackets, the highest among the All For Padel rackets. Products in this category are made for the highest level players on a padel court, including professionals. These are the options designed for maximum power:

  • Metalbone HRD 3.2: Ale Galán’s racket has the best of the best both to reach extreme power levels and to be subtle when necessary. A jewel conceived for the best attacking performance on the court.
  • Metalbone 3.2: A racket with characteristics similar to that of Ale Galán’s. It also features adidas modifiable weight technology. The EVA Soft Performance rubber is the main difference, a somewhat more flexible internal compound. Another weapon to deploy a total power-based game.
  • Adipower Multiweight: While we change families, we maintain the level. It is one of the most innovative rackets in the 2023 collection thanks to its modifiable weight technology. The best technologies and the most rigid compounds come together to guarantee the best in terms of power.
  • Adipower 3.2: This racquet has the most rigid rubber and one of the hardest adidas surfaces. This combination of materials added to the best technologies makes up one of the best powerful options on the market.
  • Adipower Legend: The tribute padel racket to Seba Nerone accumulates all the power of one of the best players in the history of our sport. Technologies and materials combine in the same direction: total rigidity for unparalleled shot making.

For experienced and advanced players on the court, the offer of rackets made to achieve maximum power is also very interesting. These are the available models:

  • Metalbone Carbon: This racket maintains the powerful capacity of the best adidas rackets, but slightly reduces stiffness to gain comfort, handling and control. Materials and technologies have been chosen to guarantee power. A racket with exceptional behaviour to play your most powerful shots.
  • Metalbone Team: The technologies, the shape and the weight balance of this racket make it a powerful racket of the highest level. The materials minimally sacrifice some stiffness to guarantee handling, comfort and a spectacular ball output.
  • Metalbone W Team: The light version of the Metalbone Team. The fewer grams make it an easier racket to handle and not for that reason, less powerful. Having the ideal weight in hand is essential to get your most powerful shot.
  • Adipower Team: This racket ensures total rigidity to respond to the most powerful shots. To this is added an exceptional behaviour in the rest of the shots thanks to a round composition, shape and balance.

All For Padel always thinks of the younger generation as well. For those players with a more or less advanced level, but whose main objective is to grow and to do so by developing their attacking game, adidas has the ideal racket:

  • Metalbone Youth: This racket brings everything together to meet the needs of younger players. Design, materials and technologies are in line with facilitating the growth of the players of the future. All this also thinking about being able to offer the best behaviour in the most powerful shots.

For beginner and intermediate level players it is recommended to gain more experience with rackets that favour the control style. That is why adidas manufactures all its rackets in those categories for that style of play. If you are new to the game but favor a more attacking game, we recommend that you bet on the All-Round shaped rackets, also known as teardrop. This is the case of the Match range.

Having seen all the adidas power rackets, your time has come. Choose the one that best suits you and get ready to dominate the matches using your power.

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