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Ale Galán and Marta Ortega both become champions in Menorca

Ale Galán and Marta Ortega both become champions in Menorca

The Menorca Open of the World Padel Tour saw two adidas players crowned as champions. Ale Galán, in the men's draw, and Marta Ortega, in the women's, won the title, both after defeating the number one ranked pairings in the final. For both Martita and Ale, the title in Menorca is the third of this year.

Galán's return to top form is confirmed

Ale Galan's victory in Menorca shows that his level is once again at the one that led him to be world number one for three consecutive years. And not only for the triumph itself, but also for how and against whom. In this tournament on the Balearic island, Galan and his partner, Juan Lebron, defeated the two best pairs of the year: number 2, in the semifinals, and number 1, in the final.

In fact, Ale and his partner did not drop a set in the whole tournament. The domination was absolute against the highest level male couples of world padel. In the two decisive matches, semifinal and final, they have not even had to face any tie-break.

In the match before the final, Galan faced the 'Superpibes'. Martin di Nenno and Franco Stupaczuk offered a great level, especially in the second and final set that was resolved with a 7-5 in favor of Ale and Lebron. In the first, the adidas player and his partner were in fine form, winning 6-1.

The line-up for the final looked like a great match. And so it was. Galan and Lebron dominated, offering a very high level. In front, Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia could not display quite the level of intensity of play to which they are accustomed this year.

The first set was resolved with a 6-3 thanks to the only break in favor of Ale and his partner. And in the second set they upped through the gears even more. The 4-0 start was answered with two games in a row by Coello and Tapia. But the counter-break in the seventh game for 5-2, gave Galan and Lebron the service for 6-2, which they did not waste. It is their third win in the last five tournaments. The best Galan is back.

Martita wins her first WPT Open of the year

She had won in Premier Padel, she had won a 500 in the World Padel Tour, but she was missing an Open and, finally, this one arrived. Like Galan, Ortega did it in style and against the best. In the semifinals, she defeated the third pairing in the ranking, a pairing she had been struggling with until now. And in the final, the best players of the year were defeated.

Martita's tournament was superb. The only set she lost together with their partner, Gemma Triay, was in the final. In the semi against Bea Gonzalez and Delfi Brea, the first set fell clearly on the side of the couple that includes our adidas player: 6-2. In the second, and ultimately decisive, the equality was much greater. The set was heading for a tie-break when a break in the decisive stretch gave the victory to Ortega and Triay.

The final was an epic battle between the two pairs with both provided this highest quality padel. Nobody gave in and the result was one of the best matches of the year. Martita and Gemma started on top with a 6-4 win in the first set. The answer came from the other side with the same result in the second set. The third and final set was just as evenly balanced. Ortega and Triay had the chance to close the match with a break, but finally they had to wait for their serve. On the decisive golden point in the tenth game, with 5-4 in the set, Marta finished off the final with a spectacular block. The title is a prize for an exceptional year for Martita Ortega.

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