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Ale Galán, number 1 in the world for the third year in a row

The legend continues to grow. The adidas player, Ale Galán, has ensured he and his playing partner, Juan Lebrón, will finish the year as the number 1 pair in the world following their victory at the Malmo Padel Open 2022. The man from Madrid has been a member of the best pair on the planet for three years and is just the third player in history with the most number 1’s at the end of the year.

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The achievement was confirmed after winning his eighth World Padel Tour title this season. In the Swedish city of Malmo, Galán and Lebrón were in fine form and once again demonstrated their status as undisputed leaders in the rankings. With three tournaments still to be played, they already have enough of a points advantage to finish the year at the top of the ranking. They just need to show up for the three tournaments, which logically will happen.

Coronation in Malmo

The road in Malmo was immaculate. Galán and Lebrón defeated José Rico and Agustín Gutiérrez in the second round; Pablo Lima and Franco Stupaczuk in the quarterfinals; and Paquito Navarro and Juan Tello in the semifinals.

In the final, they faced Agustín Tapia and Sanyo Gutiérrez. The match for the title against the second best couple in the world turned out to be, unsurprisingly, the most complicated duel.

Galán and Lebrón didn’t get the start they wanted and lost the first set - a tight and tense battle - by 4-6. However, they responded in impressive fashion, taking the second set 6-1. Having moved through the gears, the number one pair were able to maintain the intensity and ran out 6-2 winners in the final set to lift the trophy.

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