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adidas guide: What is the best padel racket for you?

adidas guide: What is the best padel racket for you?

The catalogue of adidas rackets available at All for Padel is large, and you may need some help in narrowing down your options. In this article, we want to provide you with all the information you need, and categorise each racket so that you can decide the best one for you. We will focus on the different levels, ranges, playing styles, materials and technologies.

The adidas padel racket ranges

Currently, adidas has 6 different padel racket ranges. Each one of them has a series of characteristics that are shared by the models in each one. The adidas families are Metalbone, Adipower, Essnova, RX, Match and Drive.

Metalbone is a range of top level rackets. It has specific technologies that seek to guarantee maximum power. Within this common factor, there are models that are more balanced to include a controlled style and others that focus their design on power. In all cases, the highest quality is always guaranteed.

Adipower is synonymous with talent. The rackets that make up this range are made with the very best padel players in mind. It has its own technologies that guarantee the highest levels of control and power in the different models, which vary in terms of technology used.

Essnova is one of the most recognised ranges on the market. It offers a high level of performance by always integrating technologies and components in the best possible way.

RX offers high performance and an ideal balance for players of all levels. RX rackets are easy to handle and able to excel in any situation.

Finally, the Match and Drive ranges are designed to accompany players who are looking for comfort and the necessary features to carry on improving and taking their padel game to new levels.

Rackets for different levels

In the technical information for any of our padel rackets, you will find the level of player it is aimed at. From lowest to highest, we start with the Discovery padel rackets, a level that, as the name suggests, is designed for those players who are in the process of discovering padel and all its intricacies.

Continuing on the scale, we find the Youth level, a category of padel rackets focused on adapting to the needs of younger players. We continue with the intermediate, advanced and PRO level rackets. The latter includes the rackets that are manufactured with professional players in mind, such as Ale Galán, Marta Ortega or Álex Ruiz.

Game styles

In this section, we will talk about the eternal question when it comes to padel rackets: attack or control? The attacking style is the one that integrates the strokes that seek maximum power as a way to win points. The control style includes strokes that use handling and precision to turn the match in your favour. 

All adidas rackets have been designed for a preferred style of play which is reflected in their technical specifications. However, we should mention that all rackets have some kind of balance and contain features for both styles - there is no attack without control and vice versa. In other words, all the rackets offer guarantees in both styles.

Materials of the adidas rackets

adidas rackets are made of the best materials. It's time to focus on what materials make up the interiors and surfaces of adidas rackets.

The cores of adidas rackets are made of rubber. From most to least rigid there is EVA High Memory, EVA Soft Energy and EVA Soft Performance. Remember that the more rigid a rubber is, the more powerful it is. The more flexible it is, the better the ball output.

The surfaces of adidas rackets are made up of fibres. The harder the fibre, the more power it can generate, and the softer it is, the more comfortable it is. From the highest to the lowest hardness, adidas rackets are made of Carbon Aluminized 2 to 1, Carbon Aluminized 24k, Carbon Aluminized 15k, Carbon 6k, flax fibre and, finally, glass fibre.

adidas technologies

adidas rackets also feature the most innovative technologies. Depending on the level of play for which they are designed and their range, they incorporate more or less and some or others. Their aim is to perfect the performance of the rackets, depending on the purpose for which they have been manufactured.

The adidas technologies can be divided into those that reinforce the structure of the racket or favour its power, those that increase spin, those that increase durability and those that improve handling and comfort. The Weight & Balance System, a system that allows the highest level rackets that include it to modify their weight and balance. This is the latest innovation brought to the padel court.

As a final note, remember that in All For Padel you can buy padel rackets from the 2023 collection, but also from the 2022 collection at a reduced price. Now you know how to find the best adidas racket for you.

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