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adidas-sponsored club opens largest padel centre in South America

adidas-sponsored club opens largest padel centre in South America

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The largest padel centre in South America has opened in Argentina - more evidence that our sport goes from strength to strength and continues to gain in popularity.

The Lasaigues Padel Canning club, one sponsored by adidas, opened its doors to the new complex earlier this month and is set to become the focal point for padel players across Argentina and the rest of the continent.

Located in Canning, a town just outside the capital Buenos Aires, the new complex consists of 15 padel courts, meaning newcomers to the sport and experienced players alike will have the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic views and improve their game at the same time. The highlight is an indoor court that has space for 400 spectators to watch.

Players can buy adidas products

As well as the padel courts, Lasaigues Padel Canning boasts a number of other world-class facilities, including a well-equipped gym, private kinesiology, orthopaedics, nutrition and acupuncture rooms.

And as a key sponsor of the complex, adidas also has a strong presence. The highlight is an adidas shop where padel players can buy all sorts of products such as rackets, padel bags, and other accessories, enabling them to take their game to the next level.

Speaking at the opening of the club, former padel player Alejandro Lasaigues, who the complex is named after, said how excited he was to see the growth of padel in recent years.

“According to surveys, it is the sport that has grown the most in recent years, “ he said. And he added: “It is a very fun and easy sport to play, because four people who may not even have the same level, but with the help of the wall, can hit the ball and enjoy the game, something that does not happen in other sports.

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