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adidas launches new collection of padel bags and backpacks

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Your padel racket is your most important piece of equipment you’ll own if you’re looking to take your game to new levels. With the adidas 2023 collection, there are options to suit all styles - from those who are seeking power to those wanting a more controlled game and time to work in those extra tricky spin shots.

But to look after your racket, you’ll need another piece of vital equipment - a padel bag or backpack to keep it safe. And adidas has just unveiled its latest collection of bags and backpacks in which you’ll find all your needs covered. Within this collection, you can get large padel racket bags with extra room for multiple rackets and a pair of shoes, compact travel bags, and even a wallet to store the smallest of items such as keys or your phone.

Whatever you choose, all of the adidas bags are made using the highest quality materials, meaning your racket and other padel equipment will be safe from wear and tear when you travel from court to court.

Large storage solutions

For those who play on a frequent basis and own multiple rackets, there are plenty of padel racket bags to choose from. For example, the PROTOUR 3.2 racket bag offers space for up to 11 rackets and includes an extra large compartment to store your padel trainers. The MULTIGAME 3.2 racket bag range is capable of storing 10 rackets as well as your shoes in a separate, ventilated compartment - ideal for when you step off court. In addition, there are four extra pockets to store your personal belongings.

Another padel racket bag you may want to consider is the TOUR 3.2. As well as holding 9 rackets, your shoes, and other personal items - it will also cope in all weather, wet or dry. Made with 100% Polyester and being water repellent, your most essential padel equipment inside will be well protected.

For a slightly more compact option, but without losing too much storage space, the CONTROL 3.2 could be your perfect fit. There is a large central compartment for your belongings, and in the two outside compartments it will hold 7 rackets in total.

Arrive on court in style

Within the bag options, you can find more compact solutions that will guarantee you will arrive on court in style. The PROTOUR 3.2 backpack holds up to four rackets and also has plenty of space for other belongings, including a specially designed compartment for your laptop. With a padded backrest, it is comfortable to carry as you go about your daily life and also head to your local padel club.

If you are someone who travels frequently but loves to play padel whenever you can, the MULTIGAME 3.2 backpack could be the answer. It will store three padel rackets, but adidas has also kept in mind your busy lifestyle and included space for personal items and a laptop too. The adjustable straps mean you can carry the backpack easily.

Travel in comfort and with ease

In addition to racket bags and backpacks, adidas has also unveiled a whole host of other storage solutions for when you are on the go to place large items and small. You can find travel trolleys and suitcases with wheels. Depending on whether you travel light or not, you can find more compact options such as the 40L STAGE TOUR trolley, to the 90L STAGE TOUR Trolley if you really can’t leave anything behind!

If you like to organise even the smallest of items, you can find other items within the collection such as the Accessory Bag, which has a central compartment where you can store your wristbands, balls, and caps, or the Padel Wallet 3.2, an ideal option to keep your cash, cards, keys, and phone in one place without having to dig around in your larger bag later.

For more detail on what’s included in the latest collection, check out the individual product pages on All for Padel. Keep your rackets safe with the best storage solutions!

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