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The Pro Padel League will be played on adidas padel courts as of 2024

The Pro Padel League will be played on adidas padel courts as of 2024

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The Pro Padel League (PPL), the first padel league in the United States, will be played from 2024 on adidas padel courts. The competition has reached an agreement with AFP Courts for the official courts of the first and only competition to date of our sport in the North American country to be adidas.

This innovative competition started in 2023 with a long-term project, whose ambition is to bring top-level padel to the American public. The format is that of a team league. Each team is based in a major US city and consists of up to eight players. In 2024, the competition kicked off on April 2nd in Miami.

The agreement with the Pro Padel League gives AFP Courts the status of official supplier of the padel courts. In addition, AFP Courts will lead the development of co-branded courts with the Pro Padel League for worldwide distribution. Thus, adidas remains true to its commitment to advance the momentum of padel around the world and, in this particular case, in the United States.

This year, the adidas logo will be present in all the events and promotions of the Pro Padel League. This agreement is further proof of adidas' commitment to padel. It is also a new showcase to demonstrate the high quality of the adidas courts, manufactured using the best materials, technologies and services. As a result, they provide a playing space worthy of the elite of this sport.

José Delgado, Co-Managing Director and Co-Founder of AFP Courts, has acknowledged that this partnership means "two of the best positioned brands in the sports industry, the Pro Padel League and adidas, are joining forces". Delgado explained that "six years ago, AFP Courts began to spread this magnificent and fast-growing sport in the United States" and that this "has allowed it to reach 25% of the national market, with over 85 padel courts already installed throughout the country". He concluded by saying that he is "convinced that this alliance will mark an important milestone in the padel industry worldwide".

The union of adidas and the Pro Padel League is another step forward in our brand's conviction that padel is a sport without limits. More and more countries are experiencing a growing trend in this practice that shows no signs of stopping. Padel has become a worldwide phenomenon, and adidas has been paddling along for over a decade to support its growth.

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