Metalbone CTRL 3.2: The racket used by rising padel star Lorena Rufo

Metalbone CTRL 3.2: The racket used by rising padel star Lorena Rufo

The best players with a controlled style know how to adapt to each game to make it their own. That is certainly the case with Lorena Rufo, our new addition to the adidas team. The Metalbone CTRL 3.2 is a racket that, like them, can be adapted to the circumstances to offer its best effects. The best features for a control game are all included in this game changing racket.

The Weight & Balance System technology is what allows you to modify the racket. The player can add or remove six screws in the neck, which increase or decrease the overall weight. Beyond making the racket lighter or heavier, the modifications affect the balance. With the weights on it has a more focus on balance, which reinforces its condition as the ideal racket for control. Without them, the centre of balance moves to the top, providing greater ability to get power in the shots.

The essence of control

Everything integrated in the Metalbone CTRL 3.2 is designed for a more controlled playing style. Starting with the materials, the rubber is EVA Soft Performance, which is used to ensure the best possible ball output. The surface is made of 2 to 1 Aluminized carbon fibre, light and at the same time rigid to respond to all types of hits. The racket also features a round head with an easy to find sweet spot.

The technologies that accompany it are the latest from adidas. The Octagonal Structure consists of an eight-edged tube that occupies the heart and frame of the racket and reinforces it, especially useful for a combination of power and control. Structural Reinforcement technology also improves its resistance and rigidity.

Shot effects are essential in an advanced control game. The technique to carry them out depends on each player, but the greater or lesser physical capacity depends on the racket. The Metalbone CTRL 3.2 has two technologies that place the racket at the top in terms of ability to generate effects.

The Spin Blade incorporates rough elements on the surface. The Octagonal format, which is what the racket has, incorporates very efficient octagonal shapes which contribute in generating friction with the ball. As a result, the rotation of the ball reaches very high levels.

For its part, the Smart Holes Curve optimises the arrangement of the holes in the racket. Its distribution improves the performance of the racket in two key aspects: the capacity to play different shot effects and durability. The holes occupy the least critical places and in this way it is much more difficult for cracks to form or for the integrity of the racket to be affected.

The ability to control shots reaches unimaginable levels with the Metalbone CTRL 3.2. The technologies, composition and structure are designed to obtain excellence in the game. And the modifiable weight and balance system provides a wide spectrum of adjustment in the racket to adapt it to the needs of the player and the game situation, whether it's for ultimate control or to increase an already built-in power output.

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