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Celebrating 10 years of success at All For Padel

Celebrating 10 years of success at All For Padel

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In 2013 we made our entrance in the world of padel. This June marks the tenth anniversary of adidas’ commitment to become part of this sport. It was a bold step, but with the confidence that there was new ground to be broken. A decade later, our journey continues. And it does so with more evidence than ever that we were right.

At All For Padel we have always worked based on thinking big. Dreaming that we could be a major player in the growth of padel worldwide. Over the past 10 years, we have confirmed what we predicted, that the challenge was big. We have also proved that it was possible. Padel is growing and will reach the top.

A decade of adidas and padel

In 2013, All For Padel was born. adidas, one of the biggest brands in the sporting community, decided to take part in the process take padel to a new level. The goal, to change everything, to turn the sport with the four walls into a worldwide phenomenon. To this end, that same year we made our first signing. We were looking for someone young and with the same spirit and we couldn't have chosen better. Martita Ortega joined the adidas team and the rest is history.

A year later our first collection of padel rackets was released. 2014 was the debut season for adidas padel rackets It was a key step and the beginning of a growth process that has made us what we are today in this sport.

In 2015 we went one step further. We wanted to be closer to the grassroots of the sport – that is, to you. That's why we joined the World Padel Tour as an official sponsor of the fans. Another highlight was being able to welcome new team members. The best wheelchair padel player, Óscar Agea, joined adidas, as well as a promising young player who is now part of the elite, our beloved Pablo Cardona. It was also the year in which we built our first court.

2016 was a year of success and two spectacular debuts. First, we introduced Adipower, a racket that would change everything. And then we announced the signing of Álex Ruizas an adidas player. One of the best players on the planet joined us. Meanwhile, Martita Ortega won her first World Padel Tour title that same season.

The following year we took a further step in joining the padel elite. We became the official racket of the World Padel Tour, to be even more present at every event and every tournament.

2018 was another year of big signings. A legend of our sport and another player who would soon become one both joined adidas. Seba Nerone, former world number 1, joined the famous three stripes, as did Ale Galán, the man who has reigned on court since 2020.

At adidas, we’ve always wanted to take over the padel elite and we eventually did it. In 2019, Martita was crowned as the youngest player in history to be number 1 on the World Padel Tour. And it was also the year that Ale became the master by winning the Master Final.

In 2020 the pandemic saw us all go into lockdown, but it couldn't stop us. With responsibility and commitment, we continue to worked to bring padel to every home. In terms of sport, Ale Galán reigned supreme in the tournaments that were played and reached his world number 1 for the first time.

2021 was the year of Metalbone. One of the best ranges of rackets today was brought to market for the most powerful arms, including that of our number 1. And it didn't do badly, as Galán reaffirmed his status at the top the rankings.

In 2022 there was a changing of the guard. We said goodbye to one of the best players ever. Seba Nerone left the elite, although he’ll always been seen holding a padel racket. And we welcomed new players: Pol Hernández, Mafalda Fernandes and Lorena Rufo.

The present and the future

In 2023 we celebrate ten years of work, effort, and success. To mark it, we have launched a unique racket. The Adipower Multiweight has been a revolution and has fallen into the best hands, those of our Álex Ruiz.

Only we know how much hard work and effort has gone in to achieve what we have over the past decade. That is why we will continue working the same way to grow as we have done so far. We know the potential of padel like few others and that is why every day we believe more in what we do. Here's to many more anniversaries and celebrations at All For Padel!

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