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adidas will be the official racket of Premier Padel in Seville and Malaga

adidas will be the official racket of Premier Padel in Seville and Malaga

adidas continues to lead the way in top-level padel. The next two Premier Padel tournaments taking place in Spain, both in Andalusia, the Premier Padel Andalucía Sevilla P2 and the Premier Padel Andalucía Málaga P1, will feature our latest models as the official rackets.

The first of the two tournaments, held in the Andalusian capital, runs from April 29th to May 5th. As for the following event, set on the Costa del Sol, we will have to wait until summer. From July 8th to 14th, the world's top players, such as Ale Galán, Marta Ortega, or Álex Ruiz, will electrify the Martín Carpena arena. In both events, adidas rackets will play a leading role.

This partnership with the organiser of the world's top-level padel circuit marks another step in our brand's commitment to driving progress in this sport. Being part of padels' elite is a tremendous source of pride for adidas. Supporting some of the world's best athletes is one of our greatest assets, as is aligning with the best competitions.

Our commitment to padel is undeniable, as is the growth strategy we continue to pursue within the sport. adidas has been a pioneer in the sector, a position we have maintained for over a decade, and the partnership with Premier Padel for the tournaments in Seville and Malaga further underscores our dedication.

José Luis Sicre, CEO of AFP Group, the company holding the global licence for adidas Padel, has emphasised the importance of this agreement. "For a brand like ours, striving to be among the best, it was essential to continue supporting professional padel. That's why we will have a presence at all events in Spain, one of the most passionate countries for padel worldwide. Walking hand in hand with Premier Padel is a true privilege," he noted.

Meanwhile, Joan Cuscó, President of Octagon Spain, the company managing both the Sevilla P2 and Málaga P1 tournaments, along with the rest of the Premier Padel tournaments in Spain, has also highly praised this partnership. "It was impossible to think of padel without mentioning adidas, which is why joining forces to promote this sport is crucial. We're excited that such a popular brand, performing so well, is investing in this way," he concluded.

adidas rackets will take centre stage at two tournaments of the world's premier padel circuit, where the planet's most outstanding players compete. Explore all the models from our collection on the All For Padel website.

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