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VII International Padel Day celebrates the continued growth padel

VII International Padel Day celebrates the continued growth padel

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The seventh edition of the International Padel Day event took place at the mythical venue of the Pueblo Español de Barcelona. The meeting drew a large group of professionals from different countries and industry sectors who gave their vision of padel with a clear common element: the unstoppable growth of this sport.

More than a dozen speakers reported the continued improvement and number of people playing padel day by day. The event highlighted the exciting future that awaits for our sport played between four walls, and how, at an international level, adidas manages to take padel to more and more corners of the world

All For Padel and padel tennis: Growing together

"Padel tennis is resilient", stated José Luis Sicre, CEO of AFP Group, in his presentation on the progress of All For Padel. "Despite all the problems", he recounted, such as the pandemic and the economic effects of the war in Ukraine, "padel continues to grow".

The CEO of AFP Group highlighted the increase of "48% of padel courts outside of Spain" in the last year compared to the previous one. It was one of the many revealing figures of the growth of All For Padel at an international level that were shared at this seventh edition of International Padel Days. But growth has not just been experienced within the company, but also from padel in general. "The involvement of a brand like adidas in padel" is decisive for its expansion, Sicre stressed.

"Padel can unite countries and people". With this phrase, Jose M. Delgado, accompanied by Jorge Caña -both, co-CEO of AFP Courts-,presented another very common theme at the event: few sports have the ability to captivate as much as padel. "Everyone can play padel”, stated José Luis Sicre. Andrea Massari, adidas Licensing manager, added: “It is a democratic sport". Massari also expressed the pride that adidas feels for the All For Padel license. 

Numerous testimonials to highlight the union between adidas and padel

One of the differential values of the VII International Padel Day was the personal vision provided by different figures from the world of padel.

The testimony of Óscar Agea, eight- time world champion in wheelchair padel, personified the adidas motto “Impossible Is Nothing”. "Padel is my medication", he said. His strength is shared by Rita Logvinova, a Ukrainian padel player who took refuge in London, and explained how "padel keeps going in Ukraine despite the war." In the British capital, Logvinova organized a tournament to help her native country.

Gianni Lanfranco, director of Advanced Distribution, Italian distributor of All For Padel, recounted how confidence in the capabilities of padel has allowed them to be part of a successful project. "Although it is difficult to grow, we are achieving it", claimed Jesús Rincón, known as Forward09. In his case, the content creator spoke about the Padel For All Youtube channel, a project that started in 2021 with All For Padel and continues to grow in popularity.

The intervention of Steffan Dietrich, head of The Court Company, distributor of AFP Courts in Germany, was an example of the tireless work of the All For Padel family to bring padel to the whole world. And that of Barry Coffey, president of the Irish Padel Federation, whose presentation illustrated the feelings that the sport generates around the world.

The VII International Padel Day was a celebration of the good health of padel and All For Padel. It served to show that this sport is booming and will continue to do so for many years with the aim of reaching all corners of the planet.

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