The new Essnova LTD: Exclusively on All For Padel

The new Essnova LTD: Exclusively on All For Padel

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The Essnova LTD is a tribute to the iconic rackets within the Essnova family. As a result, it is a racket that brings together the latest adidas technologies with the best of what has made Essnova a much loved range in recent years. It is a unique product and that is why we wanted to launch it exclusively on our platform. The Essnova LTD is now available for online purchase only on the All For Padel website.

The best of Essnova

The Essnova LTD encompasses many of the features from the Essnova range. In addition, thanks to the latest adidas technologies, it is of the highest possible standard. Starting with the materials, the interior is made of EVA Soft Performance rubber, a flexible compound that favours a fast release of the ball upon playing the shot. On the surface, we find a compound that is as light as it is hard and rigid, Carbon 24K fibre. With it you will get the most powerful shots in your attacking game.

In the variety of technologies that exist for power and rigidity, the Essnova LTD has additional features to further increase that rigid condition provided by 24K Carbon fibre. The Exoskeleton reinforces the structure of the racket in the frame and in the core by means of a fibre system that reduces the torsion of the racket to a minimum. For its part, the Structural Reinforcement also improves the rigidity of the racket thanks to a series of perimeter reinforcements along the frame.

Improve your shot selection

The racket incorporates other technologies that improve it in more aspects of the game. The Spin Blade focuses on improving your spin shots. By means of a rough layer on the surface, it improves the friction when playing shots, allowing the ball to spin more. The Smart Holes Linear technology also works along the lines of creating different shot effects. It has the holes of the racket in an ideal way for spin, but also to achieve the maximum durability of the racket.

Despite having features for all types of playing styles, the Essnova LTD is designed for those who enjoy a more controlled approach to padel. The sweet spot is in the centre of the head of the racket, just like the balance. These two characteristics guarantee perfect handling during a rally. The ball output offered by the EVA Soft Performance rubber is also a very interesting aspect for the control style. As we have already said, the racket will also behave wonderfully when we need to take our most powerful shots, however.

The Essnova LTD is a unique racket, an Essnova product made with the best of the range to accompany the most demanding players. Its elegant design accompanies the complete package of benefits. Get yours on our All For Padel site, the only point of sale of this spectacular edition.

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