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The Hexagon Cup: The padel tournament hitting the scene soon

The Hexagon Cup: The padel tournament hitting the scene soon

The Hexagon Cup is a new format launched this year and that brings together some of the best players in the padel world in an unprecedented way. Professionals of the stature of Marta Ortega and Álex Ruiz will ensure fans get to see padel of the highest level in a tournament that takes place prior to the start of the season and promises a great spectacle. The Madrid Arena will host the competition between 31 January and 4 February.

The best players in the men's, women's and Next Gen categories will make up the six teams that will face each other in this Hexagon Cup. The competition will offer matches never seen before, bringing together pairs that have never played together before. The spectacle is guaranteed.

The Hexagon Cup teams

The Hexagon Cup is a team competition. There are a total of six squads, some of them represented by a celebrity or famous figure in the world of sport. Each team consists of one male, one female and one Next Gen pair. The teams were formed through a draft in which the franchise players of each team (one male and one female) chose the rest of the team members through a round-robin system.

After the draft, these are the six Hexagon Cup teams and their members:

  • Hexagon Team:Paquito Navarro (franchise player), Juan Martín Díaz, Alejandra Salazar (franchise player), Tamara Icardo, Pablo Cardona and Alonso Rodríguez.
  • Rafael Nadal Academy Team: Alex Ruiz (franchise player), Franco Stupaczuk, Marta Ortega (franchise player), Gemma Triay, Daniel Santigosa and Guillermo Collado.
  • Team Bella Puerto Rico of Maria Esteve and Carlos Lopez-Lay: Arturo Coello (franchise player), Coki Nieto, Bea Gonzalez (franchise player), Claudia Fernandez, Francisco Guerrero and Rodrigo Coello.
  • Robert Lewandowski's Team RL9: Agustín Tapia (franchise player), Jon Sanz, Ariana Sánchez (franchise player), Claudia Jensen, David Gala and Enzo Jensen.
  • Eva Longoria's Eleven Eleven Team USA: Fernando Belasteguín (franchise player), Lucho Capra, Paula Josemaría (franchise player), Alejandra Alonso, Álex Chozas and Emilio Sánchez
  • Andy Murray's Advantage Padel Team: Martin Di Nenno (franchise player), Juan Tello, Delfina Brea (franchise player), Sofia Araujo, Pablo Garcia and Pol Hernandez.

Hexagon Cup format

As mentioned, the tournament is made up of three categories: men's, women's and Next Gen. There will therefore be three parallel draws in which the six teams will be represented.

Each draw will start with two groups made up of three teams. The pairs in each group will play each other in a round robin format and the two best pairs will qualify for the decisive matches consisting of semi-finals and finals.

There will be a champion team in each category and an absolute champion team, which will be the result of the rankings obtained by the three pairs.

The format is completely new, unprecedented in padel. It will also be the first time that we will see many of the professional players playing in 2024, as it is a tournament prior to the start of a season of many changes in the world of padel. We wish all the luck in the world to our adidas players taking part in it.

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