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The best adidas padel rackets for spin

The best adidas padel rackets for spin

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One of the most complicated shots to execute in padel tennis is spin. Because of the precision it requires and the difficulty of controlling the ball, it is undoubtedly one of the most complex. But at the same time it is the most unpredictable and difficult for the opponent to respond to. Beyond a refined technique, the player who executes a spin shot needs a suitable racket to accompany them to get the most out of it.

Let's break it down into parts. A spin shot is one that features the ball moving with a rotational movement. This movement causes the ball itself to take a curved path, which, when the ball bounces, makes it take a different direction than the logical one.

The spin shot is present in other racket sports, but in padel it has an added factor. Apart from the ground, there are four other surfaces on which the ball can bounce - the walls. In a spin shot, each bounce involves a change in the behaviour of the ball. That is why, in padel, spin is a very effective shot for those players who know how to master it.

Spin technology in adidas rackets

For a spin shot, technique is key, but so is having a racket designed to generate it. The control rackets, due to their design, make it easier to execute a spin shot, although the power rackets also allow it. The factor that most influences the execution of a good spin shot is the irregularity in the surface of the racket.

There are two components that break the smooth surface of a padel racket. The first and most obvious are the holes. Padel rackets have holes by regulation, but at the same time they give them a greater capacity to generate spin. The layout of the holes on the surface is not a minor issue in this regard. The innovation in new adidas technologies has continued to improve the way players can get the most spin on the ball. 

The Smart Holes Curve is the system in question. It consists of an arrangement of the holes in the racket that feature curved paths. This technology optimises the racket for the best spin shots and there are many that have this feature in the adidas collection.

The other element used to break the smooth surface of padel rackets is roughness, through the incorporation of materials on the racket face. The adidas system that focuses on this aspect is the Spin Blade. It has three different types:

  • Spin Blade Mold: this roughness technology is in the mould of the racket.
  • Spin Blade Octagonal: the roughness of this type is arranged with octagonal shapes on the surface of the racket.
  • Spin Blade Gritt: with a sandy touch, this technology on the surface of the racket allows maximum grip on the ball.

All these technologies are distributed in the most optimal and convenient way to each adidas racket according to the rest of its characteristics. Take a look at the All For Padel website to find out about them all.

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