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Ecological padel rackets: adidas Greenpadel

Ecological padel rackets: adidas Greenpadel

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The composition of a padel racket influences its performance: to hit harder, to be more resistant, lighter even. These days there is also another key factor - to be more ecological. The environmentally friendly padel rackets are called Greenpadel.

However, Greenpadel goes much further than that. Selecting one of these rackets is a way of living, thinking and producing. Greenpadel is an All For Padel project that links padel with the need to take care of our planet through a multitude of campaigns and an extensive line of products manufactured in a 100% ecological way. Greenpadel exists to get the best of oneself between the glass walls of the court, and outside of them.

What are Greenpadel rackets like?

Focusing on the rackets, the Greenpadel range manages to be made up of 100% recyclable, compostable and biodegradable materials. The secret? The Flax Fiber or natural fiber. All the rackets in this range are made with this environmentally friendly compound. It is a fiber that provides the rackets with the same performance as carbon fiber or glass.

In the 2022 collection of adidas padel rackets, we find two Greenpadel models. Both share Spin Blade Gritt and Smart Holes Curve technologies for better spin. They also integrate the Structural Reinforcement perimeter reinforcements to guarantee greater durability. The Eva Soft Performance rubber gives them the best possible touch when hitting.

The two Greenpadel 2022 rackets share a large number of characteristics. But at the same time they have differential aspects based on the style of play for which each one is designed:

  • Metalbone Greenpadel: a padel racket focused on a more attacking game. It has a diamond shape to achieve more rigidity. It has the Octagonal Structure technology to achieve maximum power.
  • Adipower Greenpadel: a racket aimed more at achieving shot control. Its shape is round. Dual eXoskeleton technology provides compact and firm hitting ability.

The materials with which they are made are what make them different. They do not lose performance because of that. Both the Metalbone Greenpadel and the Adipower Greenpadel are two padel rackets with great capabilities designed for high-level players. They are made for those who want to feel the capabilities of a good racket in their hand.

In addition to rackets, the Greenpadel product line also has a collection of bags made with environmentally friendly materials. The compound that forms them is called DupontTM Tyvek, and it is also 100% recyclable as well as being light, flexible and durable. There are three models: the Greenpadel Backpack, in backpack format; the Weekend Bag Greenpadel, with handles and the shape of a bag and the Racket Sack Greenpadel, which lighter and with strings.

The Greenpadel project: Beyond the court

The Greenpadel product line is one more element of a much larger project based on understanding and caring for the environment. All For Padel has been working for years in the fight against climate change.

One of the initiatives has been to get involved in the reforestation of forests through an alliance with Reforestum. Since 2018, this link has led action such as the reforestation of the Genesis forest in the Picos de Europa and the creation of the Adidas Pádel Forest located in Calahorra de Boedo, in the province of Palencia. The latter is a area with a total of 2.4 hectares, equivalent to 120 paddle tennis courts. A forest with which 848 tons of CO2 are offset and reforested together. With the purchase of a Greenpadel product you collaborate with these projects. For every Greenpadel racket sold, adidas reforests three square meters of forest. With Greenpadel, paddle and the environment go hand in hand.

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