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The best adidas accessories for your padel racket

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Padel rackets require extra accessories to be able to offer their best version. In general, and especially when talking about adidas rackets, they are made to respond to all kinds of situations, offer the best comfort in handling and last as long as possible. However, there are accessories that are added to the rackets to improve some aspects, mainly durability and handling.

Grips and overgrips are placed on the handle and facilitate grip. In this way, the better grip allows a better control of the racket. Meanwhile, frame protectors are very useful to minimise the damage that our racket can suffer when taking to court on a regular basis.

Grips and overgrips

The grip is the adhesive tape that all the rackets incorporate in the handle, while the overgrip is also a tape, with a softer texture that is installed to improve holding the racket. This second one is not incorporated in the rackets, as it is not essential. However, all professionals, instructors and high level players highly recommend its use. Its installation is simple. On the adidas website you can buy them in different packs and in up to 6 colours.

The overgrips substantially improve the grip on the handle, minimise the effects of sweat on the hands and protect the original grip. For this reason, it is also important to renew them as they wear out.

The grip, on the other hand, does not need to be updated, especially if overgrips are used. But the absence of an overgrip or simply deterioration due to the passage of time or exposure to the sun and high temperatures can cause the grip to degrade. In these situations, it is advisable to change it. To do this, adidas has different colour options available.

Frame protectors

One of the most exposed parts of the padel racket is the frame. The game leads us to return balls into corners and the racket can sometimes come into contact with the wall or the glass. Or even against the floor. All these blows are taken by the frame. If it is not protected, over time it can suffer from small cracks or even end up with part of the surface coming off.

To ensure the good condition of the frame, tape protectors are essential. They are adhesive tapes that are stuck around the frame and cover it, protecting it from the blows that the racket may suffer. On the All For Padel website you can buy them in black or transparent.

Protecting your racket is essential for it to last as long as possible and to get the best performance out of it for as long as possible. To do this, accessories are your best ally.

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