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New adidas Padel 2021 collection

New adidas Padel 2021 collection

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Introducing our new revolutionary 2021 collection.

New models and technologies, commitment to the environment and incredible designs, are just some of the headlines of a collection that will reach all types of players.

The challenge, once again, was complicated but the desire to surprise you again was even more.

From adidas padel we don't understand any other method than the daily work to be able to offer you the best product. Since we entered the market in 2014, we have managed to surpass ourselves every season, working year after year to be able to cover the demands of all types of players. You know what? We have done it again!

Watch the full video of the launch presented by our players: :

We are sure many of you are wondering what will be the racket of the world number 1 Ale Galán.

In 2021 he will use the new METALBONE, the new adidas range that is set to revolutionize the courts.

Its Weight & Balance system allows you to change the balance and weight of the racket according to the needs of each match.

The Octagonal Structure technology provides the ultimate power you were looking for in your attacking shots.

It will be available in 2 formats: METALBONE and METALBONE CTRL, they are made for you to PLAY YOUR WAY.


Welcome to the padel revolution!

The first racket with which you can win 2 matches at the same time is here. It's called #greenpadel.

The first match, the one that confronts you with your rivals.

It can be won thanks to its composition in FLAX FIBER. A new fiber made of 100% organic flax, it will surprise you from the fist moment.

The second fight is played by all of us and it is against climate change.

We will reforest 3m2 of our adidas padel forest for each #greenpadel racket.

The ADIPOWER range, our identity sign, keeps its essence intact and continues to provide power and effects in large doses, thanks to the dual eXoskeleton and Spin Blade technologies.

The most technological family of the collection will be used by 3 of the 4 brand athletes.

Martita Ortega will use her ADIPOWER LIGHT 3.0 with reduced weight and intermediate density rubber.

Alex Ruiz and Seba Nerone will conquer the court with their ADIPOWER CTRL 3.0 and ADIPOWER 3.0 respectively, both with a higher density rubber, but in a different format.

The design... judge for yourselves!

adidas padel 2021

If something works, then let's make it grow.

We add to our collection the new ADIPOWER LITE.

Three models that maintain the ADIPOWER DNA and all their technologies, but with SOFT touch. Because the best way to enjoy your racket is through the sensations it can offer you.

adidas padel 2021

If you could set up a racket to your desires, it would be very similar to the new ESSNOVA CARBON, made of FULL CARBON and SOFT RUBBER.

This treasure is available in 2 formats to reach all of you. ESSNOVA CARBON 3.0 and ESSNOVA CARBON CTRL 3.0 are waiting for you.

adidas padel 2021

If you are looking to increase your comfort sensations feeling every impact with the ball, the RXfamily will be your best ally.

Its 3 models incorporate carbon reinforcements in the heart of the racket to give you that extra power you demand.

The round format is the common denominator in this range, which offers different amounts of carbon reinforcements in the RX30 and RX10, and the possibility of enjoying it in reduced weight with the new RX20 LIGHT.

adidas padel 2021

For those of you who are just starting out in padel, we have updated our DISCOVERY range.

Three models with large hitting surface and SOFT touch so that your sensations are the best from the beginning.

The new DRIVE 3.0, will be your ideal racket if you are looking for a round format. If you want to start mastering the game with an all round format, you will have 2 options: the MATCH 3.0 or the MATCH LIGHT 3.0 if you are looking for reduced weight. Making the right start is in your hand.

The future of our little champions will be assured with the two models we have prepared for them.


Replicas of the rackets of our players Martita Ortega and Ale Galán, 2 rackets that maintain the best technologies, with different weight and SOFT rubber.

Up to here our new collection for 2021.

As you have seen, whatever your level and independently of the format or composition you are looking for, we have an adidas racket for you.


What about you?

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