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How to improve your pickleball game?

How to improve your pickleball game?

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Pickleball, just like padel, is a sport that requires you to be able to play a range of shots to be able to win rallies, points, and, ultimately, matches. Having read our last pickleball post on how to serve, you may have been out on court perfecting that aspect of your game, but are there other areas you want to improve.

Don’t worry - in this post we’ll look at some key tips on how you can improve all aspects of your pickleball game.

Keep your paddle up when receiving

Whether you are receiving serve or waiting for your opponent to play their shot during a rally, adopting a poised stance on the pickleball court grants you a world of adaptability, enabling you to respond effectively to a wide array of shots, depending on your opponent's ball placement.

Similar to when you receive in padel, you should keep your paddle up, allowing you to respond quicker to whatever shot comes your way that you have to deal with. In addition, keep your knees bent and your feet moving so you are ready to make agile moves.

Play the shot early

Positioning yourself behind the ball while maintaining a contact point ahead of your body is key to enhancing the quality of your shot. If you play the shot while the paddle is slightly ahead of your body, your shot will be more precise, effective, and cause more problems for your opponent.

Don’t be afraid of playing at the net

For newcomers to pickleball, playing at the net can be a bit daunting, given the smaller dimensions of the court compared to a padel court or tennis court. The area either side of the net is known as the non-volley zone, or kitchen. The rule about not volleying is to prevent players from standing at the next and smashing every hit. However, you should not be afraid to go into that zone, let the ball bounce, and play your shots - it can put your opponent on the defensive.

Stay back after you serve

The first two points of a rally in pickleball must bounce, so it’s important to stay back with your partner rather than rushing in towards the net. Doing so will allow you time to assess the rally and compose yourself for how you want it to play out. If you are receiving, however, you can get into the net as soon as you can to try to get on the attacking foot.

Use a short swing when volleying

Unlike in padel and tennis, where a long swing helps you generate more power when playing a volley, in pickleball, the key is precision. If you decide to play a volley, try and focus on having a shorter swing, but hitting the ball with the sweet spot of your paddle. For more information on which is the best paddle for you, take a look at the range of paddles we have at All for Padel.

It may be a lot to take in for one post, but next time you take to a pickleball court, remember these tips and see if you can improve your game. Keep working on it, and you could become a champion like our very own William Sobek one day!

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