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Collection 2021

Metalbone Master Ltd

€311.25 €415.00
Discover how far you can go with the new Metalbone Master LTD by Ale Galán. A racket designed for the big events. Its oversize diamond format with high balance favors the most aggressive shots. It is made of Carbon Aluminized, one of the most rigid fibers and a low density Eva Soft Performance rubber. This combination gives the racket a feeling of comfort...
Collection 2021

Adipower Master Ltd

€285.00 €380.00
Style, exclusivity and power united in a single racket. Make the difference with the adipower Master LTD. A limited edition that presents an exclusive design with which to dominate your opponent on the court. It surprises with its ball output and easy handling, thanks to its reduced weight and round format with sweet spot in the center. It features Dual...
Collection 2021

Adipower Ctrl Lite

€146.25 €195.00
Achieve balance in your game with the new ADIPOWER CTRL LITE. Create a new horizon that others can only follow. Its manageability, comfort and power will allow nothing to stop you. Dominate your opponents until they are forced to fail.
adidas padel rackets Metalbone adidas padel rackets Metalbone 2
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Collection 2021


€270.00 €360.00
Every game is a world, your padel racket too. Discover another dimension in padel with the new METALBONE, Ale Galan's racket padel. Customize the weight and balance of your padel racket according to the demands of the match you are facing. Make the difference in your attacking shots and be the one in charge of closing the points.
Collection 2021

Adipower Lite

€146.25 €195.00
The court is a magical place. Enjoy it with the new ADIPOWER LITE. Its balance between power and comfort is the solution for any obstacle that appears. Make your game look better than ever
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Essnova Carbon 2.0

€138.00 €230.00
The new ESSNOVA CARBON 2.0 offers the perfect balance between comfort and power. Its carbon composition and EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber provide exceptional power and a very comfortable grip. It includes Spin Blade technology, which adds more spin to the ball on the most demanding strokes.
Collection 2021

Adipower 3.0

€255.00 €340.00
We present you the most powerful padel racket of our collection, the new ADIPOWER 3.0, the padel racket of the mythical Seba Nerone. Designed for the player who wants to dazzle on the court and maximize their power shots. Bringing it to your court or taking it out for 3 meters will not be such a complicated task anymore.
Collection 2021

Katmay Ctrl Orange

€110.46 €129.95
Keep your game under control with the new KATMAY CTRL, the perfect racquet to increase your performance in any situation. Thanks to the versatility of this racket you will be able to play at your best from the very first moment. With the combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber you will take your game to the next level.
Collection 2021

Kimbal​ Lime

€84.96 €99.95
Kimbal is the most balanced racket. It is the perfect racket for those players looking for a balance between power and comfort. The fiberglass together with the SOFT PERFORMANCE EVA rubber will give you a unique feel.
Collection 2021

Essnova Carbon 3.0

€172.50 €230.00
You don't break the rules. You just apply them to your advantage. Take advantage of the obstacles and revolutionize your game with the new ESSNOVA CARBON 3.0. Designed for the player of advanced level and ready to overcome with your rival in all the phases of the game. Win is awesome, but to shine in the track is better.
adidas padel rackets Adipower Junior 3.0 adidas padel rackets Adipower Junior 3.0 2
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Collection 2021

Adipower Junior 3.0

€56.00 €70.00
The new ADIPOWER JUNIOR 3.0 will cover the needs of the small champions. Replica of Martita Ortega's padel racket adapted in weight and measures for the little ones. Set the standard on the court and get ready to take your shots to a new dimension.
Backpack Supernova Attk Backpack Supernova Attk 2
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Backpack Supernova Attk

€29.95 €55.00
Backpack adidas Supernova Attk Bring everything you need with the supernova backpack and don’t forget a thing. High-quality materials and good distribution of space. Ample size and colours to suit the player.
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