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¿What is adidas padel tour?

The adidas Padel Tour was launched in 2022 with the aim of providing all padel lovers with an experience to enjoy our sport both on and off the court. It quickly became the largest national circuit ever for playing partners across the country. In 2023, we return with new challenges, a Welcome Pack valued at €45, and many other competitions with plenty of prizes - including the chance to win a Volvo.

What are you waiting for to register?

Preguntas frecuentes

What is the registration fee for a tournament?

Registration will cost €25 per person and includes a minimum of two guaranteed matches.

What prizes are available and what’s in the welcome packs?

This year we will have an improved welcome pack, a control racket bag valued at €45. Thanks to our collaboration with Sofinco, we are giving away €300 in vouchers, and our partners at Volvo have kindly given us a car which will be raffled.

Can I play several adidas Padel Tour tournaments?

Yes, there are no limits on how many tournaments you play in.

From what age can I participate in the adidas Padel Tour circuit?

From 16 years old, completed in the same calendar year.

Can the same player register in different categories?

Yes, you can enrol in up to two categories, taking into account that the category of the player with the highest level of the pair will be prioritised (example: if a player plays in the 3rd men's category, which is his level, he can sign up in the 2nd category as well, but never in the 4th category).

Is it necessary to present documentation to identify the players before the tournament?

Yes, whenever the organisers and officials require it.

What is the maximum waiting time to start the match?

It will be 15 minutes from the agreed time of the meeting. Once that time has elapsed, the referee may apply W.O to a pair that does not show up.

referee may apply W.O to a pair that does not show up. Once registered for a tournament, can I change my partner?

You can change my partner as long as you have not played the first game of the tournament and have previously notified the umpire. The substitute partner will have to be of a similar or lower level than the substituted partner, never of a higher level.

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