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At adidas padel we have the objective of improving the performance of the athlete on the track and ensuring that they play their matches comfortably and safely. For this, the paddle tennis shoes are a fundamental element and that is why we have developed a first-rate collection, which shines for its composition in the best materials and also for its spectacular design, a guarantee among adidas padel products.

adidas paddle tennis shoes have different characteristics that make them perfect to compete at the highest level. On the one hand, its infallible grip, provided by the materials used to make its sole. Each movement, each race, will be much more comfortable wearing models such as the Solecourt Boost shoes, which have a special adiwear sole, ideal for playing paddle tennis or tennis.

Its durability and resistance is another of the aspects to highlight of our paddle footwear collection, since structurally we are facing very reliable models. The Courtjam Bounce Black shoes, for example, have reinforcements in the most sensitive areas, which makes them safer against wear and tear.

We cannot forget about the design of each shoe, as it is another of the highlights that players value the most in our collections. The new models that we have developed are modern and have a very attractive aesthetic that makes them stand out on the track.

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