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Padel tennis packs

Your padel racket is your most important piece of equipment you’ll need, but while you are considering buying one, why not think about purchasing it as part our the adidas padel packs?

The padel packs consist of items you’ll need to take on court with you or to carry you racket in, such as padel racket bags, backpacks, over grips and more. Within the optsions for padel racket packs, you’ll find all the adidas racket brands, including Metalbone and Adipower, the choice of rackets used by leading players such as Ale Galan and Martita Ortega. 

Conscious of the need to look after the environment, you can also find some options that mean you will do your bit to help save the planet. The Adipower Greenpadel racket pack, for example, includes the racket, racket holder and backpack. 

There is something for everyone in the racket pack collection, whether you like to travel light or prefer taking plenty of equipment on court. You can opt for racket packs that combine your padel racket and a backpack to carry small items, or you can choose options with large padel bags that store numerous rackets and have different pockets to keep your shoes and other personal items. 

Don’t worry, if you need to travel and are looking for smaller bags, you can also choose adidas padel racket packs that include small travel bags to store personal items such as your phone, passport and wallet. 

As mentioned, as well as needing a racket and bag to store it in, there are also other bits of equipment you may be interested in for when you next take to the padel court. Key to success playing padel is feeling comfortable. Withing the padel pack options, you can buy a racket with extra over grip, something you can add to the handle of your racket to help with grip and control your shots better than ever before. 

Don’t miss this chance to get all the equipment you need so you are ready for your next padel match. Choosing one of the adidas padel racket packs means you can get a discount by buying various items, so take a look at the options available to you and choose what suits you best. 

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