Priserna kan variera beroende på den moms som tillämpas i varje land.

Skatter för försändelser utanför Europeiska unionen följer bestämmelserna i varje land och ingår inte i priset. Kunden är ansvarig för sin betalning i tullen.

    adidas padelkurser online Padel Master Vol. 1 - Engelsk version

    We would like to help you to better understand the game and improve your decision making at all times. Marcos del Pilar will show us through different areas of the court, how to perform the different strokes and alternatives that we can find depending on the area where you are.

    We will see different strategies of attack, defense and counterattack and we will review the fundamental concepts such as space, speed and height, as well as others that will help you to understand the paddle in a different way, and improve decision making, and enjoy this wonderful sport like paddle.

    On the other hand, we will also review the advanced tactical principles and help you create patterns of play that will make you shine your potential. We hope you like this fantastic journey we have prepared for you.

    What will you see in this course?

    1. Introduction to the course
    2. Padel: a quick overview before you get started
    3. How to switch from tennis to padel quickly
    4. Padel basics
    5. Basic strategies: Beginning to understand the game
    6. Wall rebounds
    7. Counterattacking strategies
    8. Volleys
    9. The aerial game
    10. Attacking strategies
    11. The serve and the return
    12. How to plan a match


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    Padel Master Vol. 1 - Engelsk version


    adidas padel onlinekurs med 12 lektioner i engelska på 15 minuter för att förbättra ditt spel. Tillgång till kursen via PADELMBA-plattformen.

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