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Ale galan y Martina Ortega Master LTD

Ale Galán’s Metalbone MASTER LTD and Martita Ortega’s Adipower MASTER LTD are here.

The flagship players of the adidas padel team will wield new limited edition rackets designed exclusively for the most demanding events of the professional circuit, the World Padel Tour Master events. This launch comes to celebrate the first Master of the year, the Marbella master, where Ale and Martita will not leave anyone indifferent.

We present the new Martita Ortega´s racket: Adipower MASTER LTD

Adipower MASTER LTDMake the difference with the adipower Master LTD. Style, exclusivity and power united in a single racket. A limited edition that presents an exclusive design with which to dominate your opponent on the court. In this exclusive edition, the white, gray and sky blue will give way to navy blue and orange, a completely different design to the collection racket. It surprises with its ball output and easy handling, thanks to its reduced weight and round format with sweet spot in the center.

It has Dual eXoskeleton and Power Embossed Ridge technologies that give you extra power and rigidity in all your shots. The combination of Carbon Aluminized fiber and Eva Soft Energy intermediate density rubber makes it a very comfortable racket when hitting, without sacrificing power. The Spin Blade, which is the roughness engraved in the mold of the racket, will help you to deceive your opponent by printing the best effects to the ball.

Ale Galán will wield the Metalbone MASTER LTD.

Metalbone MASTER LTDDiscover how far you can go with the new Metalbone Master LTD by Ale Galán. This year’s big surprise, in its limited edition, features black, gray and green tones showing an imposing style on the court. Make the difference in your attacking shots and be the deciding factor.

It is composed of Carbon Aluminized, one of the rigid fibers and the low-density Eva Soft Performance rubber. This combination gives the racket a feeling of comfort in every shot, adding the extra power provided by the fiber. Its peculiar structure, called Octogonal Structure, provides rigidity and durability. Its oversize diamond format with high balance favors the most aggressive strokes. You can customize the weight and balance of the racket according to the demands of the match you face with the Weight & Balance System and print the best effects thanks to the roughness in a gritty form called Spin Blade.

Without ignoring its contribution to the #greenpadel movement. For each Metalbone MASTER LTD, we will reforest 3m2, in the adidas padel forest, to offset part of our carbon footprint.

Play without limits with the new limited edition rackets.

The best is yet to come, we are ready for everything.

And you?