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adidas padel rackets Essnova Carbon 3.1adidas padel rackets Essnova Carbon 3.1 2
  • -45%
Collection 2022

Essnova Carbon 3.1

€99.00 €180.00
Have you ever been told that you can't have it all? Well, now you can. The new Essnova Carbon 3.1 offers everything you need and more. Unleash your Potential.
adidas padel rackets Carbon Ctrl 2.0adidas padel rackets Carbon Ctrl 2.0 2
  • -50%
Other collections

Carbon Ctrl 2.0

€127.50 €255.00
The new Carbon CTRL 2.0 is designed to offer the highest precision level on every stroke. The Power Groove technology, together with the 6K carbon fiber, provide the racket with great power. The EVA SOFT PERFORMANCE rubber offers the player exceptional comfort. It incorporates Spin Blade technology which, together with the Smart Holes Curve, enables the...
adidas padel rackets Katmay Ctrl Orangeadidas padel rackets Katmay Ctrl Orange 2
  • -50%
Collection 2021

Katmay Ctrl Orange

adidas Exclusivo
€64.97 €129.95
Keep your game under control with the new KATMAY CTRL, the perfect racquet to increase your performance in any situation. Thanks to the versatility of this racket you will be able to play at your best from the very first moment. With the combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber you will take your game to the next level.
adidas padel rackets Adipower Greenpadeladidas padel rackets Adipower Greenpadel 2
  • -55%
Collection 2022

Adipower Greenpadel

€103.50 €230.00
Winning a padel match is a great source of satisfaction, but winning the battle against climate change will be our greatest triumph.
adidas padel rackets Kimbal​ Limeadidas padel rackets Kimbal​ Lime 2
  • -50%
Collection 2021

Kimbal​ Lime

adidas Exclusivo
€49.98 €99.95
Kimbal is the most balanced racket. It is the perfect racket for those players looking for a balance between power and comfort. The fiberglass together with the SOFT PERFORMANCE EVA rubber will give you a unique feel.
adidas padel rackets Adipower Ctrl Liteadidas padel rackets Adipower Ctrl Lite 2
  • -48%
Collection 2021

Adipower Ctrl Lite

€101.40 €195.00
Achieve balance in your game with the new ADIPOWER CTRL LITE. Create a new horizon that others can only follow. Its manageability, comfort and power will allow nothing to stop you. Dominate your opponents until they are forced to fail.

In need of a padel racket but at more affordable prices? Take a look at all the options available to you with the adidas padel racket outlet. Here, you will find some of the rackets that formed part of the adidas padel racket 2022 collection and the adidas padel racket 2021 collection. 

Some of the great adidas racket brand names are featured in the racket outlet, such as Adipower and Metalbone -names associated with our greatest players such as Ale Galan, Alex Ruiz, and Martita Ortega. In addition, you can find other adidas racket names such as RX, Essnova and Katmay.

There is something for everyone in the old adidas racket collection, whether you prefer a more attacking style on court, or take a controlled approach to your rallies to wear your opponent down. You’ll find rackets with the balance more towards the head, designed for more powerful play, or rackets that have the balances in the middle of the racket, made for those of opt for control. 

Not forgetting our young players, there are also rackets within the adidas racket outlet for our future stars who are taking their first steps in our wonderful sport. These rackets are lightweight and easy to handle, giving them confidence to play their shots and improve the padel game rapidly. 

adidas leaves nothing to chance when it comes to technology and despite being some of the cheapest adidas padel rackets you can get your hand on, they feature some of the best designs and qualities that adidas has developed in recent years. You’ll find rackets that have structural reinforcement, designed to make the racket more resistant when in comes to playing more powerful shots. 

You can also choose rackets, within the Essnova range, that feature the eXoskeleton technology, which is essentially 100% carbon fibers inserted in the frame and core structure to increase the power and structural rigidity of the racket.  Padel rackets in the adidas outlet also contain the different types of rubber, a key element when choosing your game tool. Depending on the density of the rubber – High Density, Soft Density, or Soft Performance – your racket will be suited to games played at higher speeds or slower, more controlled matches. 

Take a look at the adidas padel racket outlet and find the best option to take your game to the next level.

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