Collection 2021

Collection 2021

Metalbone Ctrl

€270.00 €360.00
Unbalance matches from the control with the new METALBONE CTRL 3.0. Customize the weight and balance of your blade taking into account the characteristics of the opponent. Take your game to another level with that unbalancing game that you were looking for in your attacking shots.
Collection 2021

Essnova Carbon 3.0

€172.50 €230.00
You don't break the rules. You just apply them to your advantage. Take advantage of the obstacles and revolutionize your game with the new ESSNOVA CARBON 3.0. Designed for the player of advanced level and ready to overcome with your rival in all the phases of the game. Win is awesome, but to shine in the track is better.
Collection 2021

Metalbone Master Ltd

€311.25 €415.00
Discover how far you can go with the new Metalbone Master LTD by Ale Galán. A racket designed for the big events. Its oversize diamond format with high balance favors the most aggressive shots. It is made of Carbon Aluminized, one of the most rigid fibers and a low density Eva Soft Performance rubber. This combination gives the racket a feeling of comfort...
Collection 2021


€157.50 €210.00
The first eco-friendly paddle, developed with sustainable materials. The new adidas #GREENPADEL is the result of the fusion of our pillars: top quality product and commitment to the environment, always in search of the best sensations for the player. This padel racket is extraordinarily resistant and light, being versatile both in attack and defense. For...
Collection 2021


€105.00 €140.00
Take your comfort feeling to another level with the new RX30. Enjoy every point as if it were your last. Defending tricky shots or throwing accurate balloons won't be that hard. A padel racket designed for mid-level players who want to perform at their best.
Collection 2021

Adipower Woman Lite

€138.75 €185.00
When you play at the highest level, every second is valuable. The lightness of the ADIPOWER WOMAN LITE will allow you to leave your mark on the scoreboard and not on the court. Lightness and balance, the perfect combination to dominate matches with solvency and speed. Put the balance you were looking for in your hands.

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