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New adidas Master LTD 2023 Limited Edition Padel Rackets

If you're seeking a padel racket that delivers extraordinary performance, the adidas Metalbone Master LTD 2023 is the ideal choice. Don't miss the opportunity to experience power and precision in every shot with this limited edition racket.

Elevate your game to the highest level!

The adidas Adipower Master LTD 2023 padel racket by Martita Ortega is the perfect choice for players seeking optimal balance between power and control in every shot.  Don't miss this opportunity to enhance your game and experience the high performance offered by this limited edition racket.

Conquer the court and achieve victory in style!

Discover the adidas Adipower Multiweight Master LTD padel racket by Alex Ruiz, the perfect choice for players seeking a superior level of customized power and versatility on the court. This limited edition racket offers exceptional performance.

Power and versatility in your hands!

Rackets collection 2023

Metalbone Master LTD 2023

Get a feeling of what it’s like to be a number one with the new Metalbone Master LTD. It’s a racket made for the best, such as Ale Galán.
Rackets collection 2023

Adipower Master LTD 2023

The best players are not born, they are made. Enhance your game and bring out your best version on court with the Adipower Master, an edition made for Martita Ortega.
Rackets collection 2023

Adipower Multiweight Master LTD

The very essence of one of the best players in the world is found in the Adipower Master MTW, Álex Ruiz's first master edition racket.
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